This week, our host, Ian Truscott, celebrates the year with a compilation of clips from some of the 35 guests he’s gone backstage this year with some choice takes on the topics they’ve covered. Including podcasting, influencer marketing, technology, focus, storytelling, motivation, working with startups and some suggestions for our portal to marketing hell, our Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool.  

And what better way to end 2023 than with Robert Rose the Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory, in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar, who, over a cocktail, has some sage advice for dealing with the uncertainty of this time of year. 

Happy New Year!!

The links:

The compilation clips:

// Seth Goldstein – Episode 148

// Jason Falls – Episode 147

// Rachel Miller – Episode 163

// Brandi Johson – Episode 155

// Caroline Kay – Episode 156

// Cathy McKnight – Episode 173

// Theresa Regli – Episode 158

// Adeola Sole – Episode 162

// Brittany Murphy – Episode 160

// Matthew Woodget – Episode 184

// Jill Jago – Episode 170

// David Allison – Episode 164

// Matt Bailey – Episode 165 

// Riaz Kanani – Episode 166

// Todd Irwin – Episode 175

// Keith Smith – Episode 177

// Aaron Templer – Episode 149

The other people:

// Ian Truscott on LinkedIn and Threads

// Robert Rose on LinkedIn and Threads

// Robert’s firm: The Content Advisory

Rockstar CMO:

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// Previous episodes and all show notes: Rockstar CMO FM

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