Let us help you and your B2B business grow with our mentoring, consulting and advisory services.

Describing ourselves as Rockstar might sound ballsy, you be the judge if we are, but we have been the producers, backing band, and session musicians that have enabled CMOs, CEOs, and marketing leaders to find their rock star marketing groove.

How can we help?

Our jam is to share our marketing street knowledge to help ambitious CEOs, CMOs, marketing leaders and founders grow their start-up or established B2B businesses.

We call it “street knowledge” as it comes hard-earned from decades of experience of actually doing it, with a hat tip to bosses, mentors, clients, colleagues and the occasional f’up that taught us these lessons. This street knowledge will make a difference to you and your business.

We’ve helped some cool CEOs and CMOs with the following:

  • CMO coaching and mentoring
  • Strategy and planning
  • Capability review and gap analysis
  • Martech assessment & selection
  • Marketing operations advisory
  • Campaign strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Agency review
  • Fractional marketing leadership

Or we can just be a safe pair of extra hands when you need some help or advice.

Recent gigs

Over our careers, we’ve provided trusted advice to major brands and organisations like American Express, Nasdaq, 3M, and SAS. But, as Rockstar CMO we’ve taken the stage at:

Bloomcradle / BeAClimateHero | censhare | Connex One | DeltaClimeVT | Flagship Networks | Ickenham Group Travel | iManage | Kentico | Orange Logic | Percassity | Pimloc | Sitecore | Stacks LLC | Storyblok | The Executive Network | Xpanxion


Introducing the Rockstar CMO Advisors, supported by a backing band of creative and strategic talent and partners assembled to meet the needs of a client project.

Ian Truscott

Founder, Chief Bottle Washer

Ian is a 3 x CMO, who applies his two decades of marketing leadership experience to create ART (Awareness, Revenue and Trust) for B2B companies. Ian is a former techie, product marketer, CTO, agency guy and industry analyst.

Jeff Clark

Principal, Strategic Advisory

Jeff is a seasoned marketing strategist with leadership experience in both large enterprises and startups. As a former Research Director at Forrester SiriusDecisions Jeff helped hundreds of clients attain better marketing outcomes.

Jeff Ellsworth

Principal & Client Partner

Jeff Ellsworth, a business development leader, employs the “Mind the Sales Gap” approach, boosting B2B vendors’ sales through demand generation programs and strategic partnerships. He now advises clients in various industries.

Ready to rock?