Does the world need another f’in marketing podcast?

Find out by joining Ian Truscott, editor of Rockstar CMO, for this weekly podcast that serves as his excuse to chat with friends, marketers, writers, and CMOs he’s met through his two-decade career as a B2B marketing leader, consultant, and analyst.

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I love everything about this show!
Where do I begin? I love Rockstar CMO. It’s a regular Saturday listen for me. Ian and Jeff have insightful back and forth conversations about the issues of the day, which in an of itself is a great pod. But then there’s a guest … sometimes two … with smarts to share. Then Robert Rose comes in and talks content over a cocktail? It’s like a variety show for marketers. Super smart. Great energy. Brilliant all the way around.

Jason Falls
Digital Marketing Thought Leader, Influencer, Author, Speaker, Podcaster. Winfluence

The Regulars

Host: Ian Truscott

A techie turned CMO and not a rock star, Ian is currently the CMO at the Spotler Group and a trusted advisor to two marketing technology companies and the founder of Rockstar CMO. Learn more on LinkedIn.

Marketing Studio: Jeff Clark

Former Forrester Research Director Jeff Clark is our resident strategic advisor, sought after by large B2B companies. Learn more about the Rockstar CMO Advisory.

The Virtual Bar: Robert Rose

Our content marketing guru, Robert Rose is the Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory, a content strategy and marketing agency.


….This awesome show is a rocking round up of all things marketing. Crank it to 11!

Dave Delany – Speaker, consultant, author at Futureforth

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