The Come Together Issue

This time of year is about giving thanks and bringing people together, and we are all missing that, plus, the US has just concluded a divisive election. So, we’ve dropped the track “Come Together” as the theme for this holiday special.

The Life For Rent Issue

The theme of this issue is the decision marketers need to make about building an audience on ‘rented’ land or take the long road of building an owned digital channel.

The Blur Issue

2020 has been a bit of a blur, many people talk about how lockdown has changed their routine to the point they are unsure what day, week, or month it is, and our work and home lives have become blurred. And that’s the theme for this months issue named after the classic album: Blur.

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Issue

This issue we are talking about marketing education, in reaction to the debate about whether better marketing education makes a better marketer that we see played out on social media. Some fabulous arguments on both sides from our house band and rockstar CMOs..

The Club Classics Volume One Issue

Our Rockstar CMOs and writers have served up some fantastic advice this month. From what the pandemic has taught us that we need to keep doing, some tips on virtual events and personal branding, to how to prepare for what is likely to be uncertain economic times. Plus, all the usual shenanigans.

The Welcome to Jamrock Issue

Deep in COVID lockdown, this issue we take inspiration from Damian ‘Jr Kong’ Marley and a track from his album “Welcome to Jamrock” – We’re Gonna Make It.

The Breaking Glass Issue

In this special issue, in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 9th, we’ve put together a compilation of some fabulous articles and interviews featuring the women that have made the last 22 issues rock.

The Features Creatures Issue

This issue was not been named after a classic album. ‘Features Creatures’ by Björk is neither a classic (yet) or an album, but the title of this eccentric track nails the theme for this issue as we look at the relationship between marketing and product development.

The Future Starts Here Issue

Yep, we’ve picked a compilation of 50 year old classic Doors tracks to mark the new decade, but the title sums up the mood of the issue, as our Rockstar CMO’s and contributors cast their eyes to what 2020 and beyond will mean for marketing.


This whole issue feels like magic, we have a bountiful pile of marketing gifts and thanks, generously given by our rockstars and writers in our biggest issue to date.