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January 2021

2020 is the second full year of Rockstar CMO, a very peculiar year, to put it mildly, unprecedented you might say, and as people often do.

With that in mind, I took an optimistic spin and I hope you’ll agree with the sentiment of the title of the classic album that I’ve picked for this month’s title. You’ve come a long way baby was an album by Fatboy Slim that was released in 1998 and was hit in the UK and US.

As marketers, we have come a long way, we’ve had to pivot, disrupt our work, and find new opportunities with our marketing efforts and budget. It has of course been worse for some, when a company looks to reduce investment, it’s often marketing that takes the hit. But, broadly as marketers we are knowledge workers, able to work anywhere while dealing with our own COVID experiences, remote working, homeschooling, various states of lockdown.

So, yeah, we’ve come a long way, but 2020 has gone, let’s look forward. And we have some fantastic articles to lead the way into 2021 and we highlight some of what was good here at Rockstar CMO over the last 12 months.



Ian Truscott

Editor, Rockstar CMO

@iantruscott | @rockstarcmo

Words matter: The unintended consequences of unintentional branding

Personal branding expert, Jane Scandurra, has been our font of knowledge and rockstar life coach for how we’ve coped with the pandemic and all that 2020 has thrown at us. In this article, she focuses on the words that have summarized 2020, and most of all the specter of being “non-essential”…
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What We Learned From 2020

It’s been a crazy year for all marketing leaders and business owners, but what about if you are both? In this article, Kathryn Strachan Managing Director of Copy House Ltd, shares her experience at the helm of her content marketing agency…
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What’s Your Business in the Year of Transformation?

Rock stars don’t have a great reputation for education on the classics. But, as we face many challenges in 2021, Rockstar CMO Advisor, Jeff Clark looks to Cicero for inspiration, as he ponders what we as marketers and the organisations we work for can do to tackle them…
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The Swimming Pool #29: The entire year of 2020

What do you reckon? Should we chuck 2020 into the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool, our portal to marketing hell? Or should we give it a reprieve? Ian Truscott has a suggestion inspired by Robert Rose…
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7 sure-fire marketing hits to top the charts in ’21

Our resident business development rockstar, Keith Smith returns for his annual predictions for the coming year, picked up from conversations with his guests on his brand new podcast…
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Last Months Podcast Picks

Rockstar CMO FM, the M is for marketing, the F is for, well you decide as you are probably wondering; does the world need another marketing podcast? Well here is a roundup of what went down on The Rockstar CMO F’in Marketing Podcast this month…
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Top of the 2020 Charts

Maybe there was something good to come out of 2020? In keeping with the theme of this issue, our editor looks back on the most popular articles from this year…
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What’s going to rock digital marketing in ’21?

What new year’s marketing publication would be complete without predictions? In this article, Eric Jan van Putten, VP Marketing at Dynamicweb offers his perspective on 3 trends we should be looking for in digital marketing…
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