Don’t be afraid to dance to this new tune

Deep in lock down, our resident business development rock star Keith Smith, offers us a pep talk. Although personally difficult, the role of sales and marketing is to bring change and to get the crowd to dance to a different tune. Well, a new tune has dropped, time to get on the dance floor.

Data Can’t Answer Why?

In the interest of balance between data and creativity, maybe your fine-honed data-led campaign could use an emotional fire axe. Keith Smith, our resident business development expert explains…

One piece at a time

Keith Smith, an expert on the drums of new business, is inspired by the tale that Johnny Cash told of a man building a Cadillac one stolen part at a time. Perhaps we as sales and marketers are taking an equally discordant approach when playing our tune to woo new clients.

The Old CMO Runaround

In all of the confusion of what the role of the CMO is, we seem to have forgotten the one thing marketing is supposed to do, Keith Smith explains.