Tales from the Tour Bus: Jessie Paul, CEO Paul Writer

Ian Truscott catches up with Jessie Paul, CEO of Paul Writer, an Indian based B2B agency and they chat about her experience as a CMO of some of the biggest organizations in India, the current crisis and what she’d thrown into the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool.

Tales from the Tour Bus: Pete Morgan, Metia

Global agency Metia recently published some new research “B2B marketing trends for 2020, Six essential trends for the curious CMO.” Well, people call us a lot of things and one of them is ‘curious’, so we tracked down the author, former record label owner and Metia’s VP of Demand Pete Morgan…

Tales from the tour bus: Tom Wentworth

Back in the summer of 2018, for The Straight Outta Compton Issue, we went backstage with Tom Wentworth, then CMO of Rapid Miner and in this interview, we catch up with this technologist turned marketer.

Tales from the Tour Bus: Dennis Shiao

Known by his Twitter fans for his passion for content marketing, expressed in his work and regular columns for CMSWire and The Content Marketing Institute, we hop on the tour bus with Dennis Shaio.

Tales from the Tour Bus: Richard Shotton

This issue we hop on the tour bus with the author of one of our favorite recent marketing reads, Richard Shotton, the writer of The Choice Factory, a best-selling book on using behavioral science in marketing. We find out what inspired this former media planner to write and set up his own consultancy.

Tales from the Tour Bus: Amber Osborne

Now on her third start-up, Amber Osborne is the CMO at Doghead Simulations (the company behind Rumii, a virtual reality conferencing and collaboration platform) and industry influencer. In this Tale from the Tour Bus, she reveals what it takes to launch something new and gives an insiders view of being an insider.

Tales from the Tour Bus: Janice B. Gordon

Like the Rolling Stones versus the Beatles or Oasis versus Blur, sales and marketing have a reputation for not always getting along. So, for this Tale from the Tour Bus we cross the tracks, to speak to sales mentor Janice B. Gordon.