The wheels are turning, the stereo’s blaring and the windows are black black black – we’re on the road and behind the scenes with a marketing heavyweight to hear a Tale from the Tour Bus.

This issue regular Rock Star contributor John Andrews, serial entrepreneur, marketer and CEO of Photofy shares his journey, the bumps in the road and the next destination.

John, tell us about your tour bus and how you came to be on it.

I joined Photofy as an advisor in 2014 and helped it with introductions and business development. I always thought that it had a shopper marketing play in in late 2017 I got the opportunity to become its CEO and work on implementing that vision.

Where’s this bus headed?

We believe that much of digital media today is saturated. An additional dollar invested in Facebook ads won’t likely return a dollar over what a brand is already spending.

One solution is to leverage the mostly untapped content and connection potential of a company’s employees. Imagine the collective reach and engagement of Walmart’s 2.5MM+ employees, especially at the local level. Photofy is seeking to help brands unlock this powerful marketing tool through easy, on-brand collaborative content creation. We call it Employee Created Content or ECC.

…leverage the mostly untapped content and connection potential of a company’s employees. Imagine the collective reach and engagement of Walmart’s 2.5MM+ employees….

What’s the highlight of this tour so far?

We’ve grown our original consumer business of over 10MM app downloads to now include almost 50K global enterprise users. This is the start of growing to become the leading platform for employee content creation. Again, we believe that the most influential advocate a company has is its employees. Creating the tools for them to become part of the marketing process builds scale, authenticity and employee engagement.

Has this tour gone as you expected? Any bumps in the road?

We are early in the process. Many brands are uncomfortable with the idea of their employees making content. Our belief is that a few years from now, content creation will be a part of almost every job.

You’re a serial entrepreneur, you’ve done a few tours, what do you insist is on the bus?

Great people with a dedicated #GSD bent. Without great people, there will be no great company.

What’s the next stop for Photofy?

We’ve made our transition to an Employee Content Platform and now we must hone the toolset to make beautiful, branded content creation as frictionless as possible. This is our mission.

Where might people see you perform?

We are always at the awesome Brand Innovator Summits and you can listen to our completely pointless #nobodycares marketing podcasts if you’re really bored.

Thanks John!

You can find the #nobodycares podcast on iTunes or the Photofy blog (it’s fun), follow John on Twitter (@Katadhin) or checkout the Photofy App.

Ready to rock?

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