Rockstar CMO FM #15 – Meet Jane Scandurra and write for us with a cocktail

In this episode, Ian Truscott, our Founding Editor suggests something to take a look at from the pages of Rockstar CMO. He chats to Jane Scandurra, a senior marketing professional with more than three decades of experience working in technology, internet/online services, life sciences, and advertising and again joins Robert Rose for a cocktail.

The Club Classics Volume One Issue

Our Rockstar CMOs and writers have served up some fantastic advice this month. From what the pandemic has taught us that we need to keep doing, some tips on virtual events and personal branding, to how to prepare for what is likely to be uncertain economic times. Plus, all the usual shenanigans.

The Sample: Keep on movin’

Welcome to The Sample, where we whirl the dial on the interwebs, hit record, and sample what we hear about the topic in this issue. This month our attention is drawn to the tension in marketing right now, about moving forward, waiting and what’s next.