Backstage with John Howe-Marshall

Gamers are emerging as the new celebrities of a new media age, and the popularity of this entertainment genre has been accelerated by the lockdown. So, who better to catch up with than the Chief Marketing Officer of SplitmediaLabs a platform on the leading edge of enabling gamers to get published? Ian Truscott chats with John Howe-Marshall.

Backstage with Oliver Pilgerstorfer

IFS develops and delivers enterprise software for customers around the world and when their CMO, Oliver Pilgerstorfer, sat down with us and started an answer with “I probably shouldn’t admit this” our editor Ian Truscott knew he was in for a fun interview…

Backstage with J. Robert Slaughter

Having been following the direct opinions and observations of this fractional CMO, veteran marketing & sales strategist and practitioner, we had to sit down with J.Robert Slaughter and learn more.

Backstage with Lynne Capozzi

Lynne Capozzi is the CMO of Acquia, a global marketing technology vendor. Ian Truscott sits down with this passionate marketer and finds out what get’s her marketing mojo working

Backstage with Ian Lowe

Ian Lowe, VP of Marketing for global SaaS WCM vendor Crownpeak popped by the penthouse to chat to Ian Truscott about what gets his marketing mojo working…

Backstage with David Howland

We go backstage with David Howland, CMO of Longview Solutions, former creative and art director and marketing leader at Nasdaq and he shares his journey and the common thread of his career – creating compelling, meaningful experiences.

Backstage with Ahmed Hasan

Ian Truscott sits down with Ahmed Hasan,Global Head of Customer Engagement Marketing at Spark44 to talk Blink-182, the advantages of failing fast, and why now is a great time for lean thinking marketers.