Having been following the direct opinions and observations of this fractional CMO, veteran marketing & sales strategist and practitioner, we had to sit down with J.Robert Slaughter and learn more.

Robert has spent his career advising global enterprise organizations to plan, execute and scale revenue growth programs and frameworks. Recognized marketing & sales enablement thought leader with numerous articles published regarding account-based marketing, demand generation and social marketing strategies.

What would be top of your rider for your next marketing gig?

Is the company a Chicken or a Pig? How committed are they to the success of marketing? The chicken (eggs) may be involved with breakfast, but the pig (bacon) is committed.

What or who are your marketing influencers?

I started out in ad sales. Everything changed the day I read,

The purpose of advertising [marketing] is to sell. That is what the client is paying for and if that goal does not permeate every idea you get, every word you write, every picture you take, you are a phony and you ought to get out of the business.  

Bill Bernbach

I’ve been a B2B marketer ever since. So, it’s safe to say my “influencers” have been the Titans of advertising and marketing: Barnum, Gossage, Ogilvy, Bernbach, Jobs, Burnett, Drucker, etc…

If I was Spotify, what would I play for you first thing Monday morning to get you going?

Kick Out the Jams by MC5, T.V. Eye by the Stooges, Sonic Reducer by the Dead Boys

The curtain pulls back, you step out on the stage of your new marketing gig – what do you open with?

It’s PEOPLE, Processes and Technology in that order for a reason. It’s taken me 20+ years to understand this. Build your dream TEAM. Develop TRUST with all the players. You will accomplish great things.

The audience is dancing in the aisles, it loves that track. What keeps the house jumping?

Stop living in a “marketing bubble”. Listen to the Voice of Your Customer.

You’re playing a huge stadium; how do you know the audience can hear your tune?

Let me make this perfectly clear. CMOs and teams are only around as long as we deliver what the CEO & CFO cares about – profitable growth.

If there was a billboard chart for marketing trends, what would be your Number 1?

When I started in marketing and sales way back in the 20th century, it was all about feature and functionality. Then we stopped talking about product and focused on solutions. And now, we’ve evolved even further. Today, great marketers know how to “articulate” value and conquer buyer fear in order to sell anything. It’s never been about the mousetrap. It’s the impact of change. Now, later or never.

What would you throw from your hotel window into the Rockstar CMO pool?

Ah, so much marketing bullshit. So little time. But current top seed: “personalisation at scale”.

What’s got you rocking today?

Everything old is new again!

If there was a marketing hall of fame, who would you induct?

William Shakespeare. After 400 plus years, still a top global brand.  

Any final words before you drop the mic?

I tend to beat up on marketers fairly often, but my goal is to elevate the position. It’s time to stop being a C-Suite punching bag.

Marketing is a force multiplier and creates a massive amount of business value. But most goes unrecognized and unrewarded. Why are CMOs ok with this? It’s time to learn and speak the language of business.

Thank you Rob!

J.Robert Slaughter

Accomplished executive leader working with high-growth technology firms to plan, execute and scale revenue operations (teams, processes-programs, technology).

Proven ability of delivering go-to-market strategies, increased sales effectiveness, pipeline velocity and revenue growth. Well versed in bridging the CMO-CFO language barrier by detailing marketing’s and sales’ business impact and financial value.

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