Happy employees = happy customers

A popular topic here on Rockstar CMO, pulling together the backing band of employees and colleagues to not just improve the experience for the customer, but to become evangalists in our increasingly connected world. Jane Scandurra shares her experience of how we can make that happen.

The Sample: Putting the show together

This month we kick off a new series, The Sample, where we whirl the dial on the interwebs, hit record and sample what we hear. The topic of this issue is the critical partnerships CMOs need to put on the marketing show.

Employees: The New Empowered Generation

Marketing needs to realize that we aren’t the only ones holding the mic, we need to create a chorus with our colleagues across the business, from the cash register to the C suite, to create a hit marketing sound. Casey Petersen charts how we got here and what we do now.

Why Employees Need to Be Empowered to Stop and Think

We live in a culture where the simple act of distraction free thinking has become alien, day dreaming has been replaced with scrolling through a feed on our smart phones and the office is a place for the hustle, not to think – Ted Rubin believes we are missing a trick.