A gift from Ted

Our straight-talking resident rock star CMO, Ted Rubin, shares a wonderfully appropriate story for this time of year about relationships, gifts and family.

Don’t rent, co-own

Ted Rubin has built an audience, you don’t become the most followed CMO on Twitter without one. So, what is his advice; should we build our content strategy and audience on rented land

Who decided the lines?

We caught up with Ted Rubin this month and asked him about the theme of this month’s issue, specifically the blurry lines on social media as we blend our personal lives and social connections with our professional passions and the work we do. His response is typically straight-talking….

The Times They Are A-Changin’

This month we asked Ted Rubin: Do good marketers need a formal marketing education? His reply is, as ever, straight-talking, insightful and to the point. As times change you need to be open to it and have the passion…

Time to hit the reset button

We asked Ted Rubin, our resident Rockstar CMO, “What does the post Coronavirus new normal mean for you, your organization, and marketing in general?” and as usual we got more than we bargained for, with this fantastic, straight-up advice. It’s time to hit reset.

Better products, better marketing, better listen

Our resident Rockstar CMO Ted Rubin tells it straight. If you want better products and better marketing then you had better listen, not just to Ted, but to your customers and in the age of socially connected communities, who better to do this than marketing?

Consumers are loyal to experience, not brands

‘Tis the season to be shopping and Ted Rubin, our straight-talking resident rock star and Photofy CMO gift-wraps this timely reminder for retailers and brands. It’s not just the brand, product or price, it’s the experience.