Ted Rubin has definitely built an audience, you don’t become the most followed CMO on Twitter (according to Social Media Marketing Magazine) without one. So, who better to ask for advice on the theme for this month’s issue; should we develop our content strategy and audience on rented land (social media, LinkedIn, Medium, and the rest?) or build it ourselves?

All of my content is posted to TedRubin.com and syndicated from there. I use Medium, LinkedIn, and blogs owned by others to support and repost my content. Even if the content is created for another site (and I am compensated), it is posted to TedRubin.com as well… I co-own all of the content I create for others.

Syndicate, syndicate, syndicate…

Share your content via all social channels always including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which also makes it easy for others to share. And don’t be afraid to do it more than once, periodically sharing old posts via your social channels, especially those that were well received. Also, let others freely repost your content with a link back to the original post… I have this agreement with several media/corporate sites. They are free to repost my content (in full form) at any time, without notice, as long as they give me attribution and link back to the post at TedRubin.com.

A few additional tips…

I also make a habit of saving content pieces that I may have written as Facebook or LinkedIn in regular posts to turn into a blog post at a later date. I save anything I write for inclusion in someone else’s posts (especially round-ups) that may make for a good blog post of my own, that will then live on TedRubin.com.

And if someone interviews me for their blog, vlog, YouTube channel, or podcast, I most often repost that to TedRubin.com as well. This way, all of the content is saved via something I own vs. rent.

Ready to rock?

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