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We have to be honest, there are not many people that would argue that Running In Circles by The Influencers is a classic album, but the buzz around the Rockstar CMO penthouse this month is influencer marketing, so not only is the name of their band on point, but so is the story of how this band gained a following (according to their website):

They struck gold when Youtuber Danny Casale (Coolman Coffee Dan) debuted Running In Circles on his channel, giving the band the exposure they had been looking for. Within hours of the video upload, hundreds of fans found the two albums on streaming platforms and overnight The Influencers had a following.

Yes, The Influencers got their break from an influencer!

Whether you are selling music, cosmetics or enterprise business software we’ve all been caught up in the hype. But, is it losing its luster after all the reported fakery? Or, is it still something we need to keep paying attention to?

So, we asked our Rockstar community what they thought of the current state of influencer marketing and this issue is the result.

Welcome to The Running in Circles Issue


Ian Truscott

Editor -in-Chief @rockstarcmo | @iantruscott

The Green Room: The State of Influence

Again we’ve grabbed the backstage pass to our Rockstar CMO’s, hang out in the Green Room and pick over the topic of the month. In this issue, we discuss the current state of influencer marketing…
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Into the Pool #20: Marketing can’t be measured

This month we are hanging over the balcony with Acquia CMO Lynne Capozzi, who nominated “marketing can’t be measured” for the drop from the penthouse to splashdown into the portal to our special place in marketing hell…
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Get T-shaped or Die like T-Rex

Like the legendary DJ Deadmau5, our agency insider dons a mask and reveals the backstage secrets of big agencies. In this issue, he’s got a warning for T-Rex, not the legendary glam rock band, but the agency dinosaurs…
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Five favorite influencer mistakes

Sheryl Crowe once lamented about her favorite mistake, but content marketing writer Dennis Shiao in “no fool to this game” as he shares his top 5 favorite influencer mistakes…
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The Sample: Under the influence

The Sample, where we whirl the dial on the interwebs, hit record and sample what we hear. The topic of this issue is Influencer Marketing and here are some of the best beats we’ve picked up this month…
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A B2B influencer marketing hit is not an overnight success

Pull your marketing budget together, stick it in a big bag and hand it to a marketing celebrity. Bingo! You are topping the charts. But…is it really this easy to create a B2B influencer marketing hit? Barb Mosher Zinck suggests maybe not…
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Influencer Marketing; PR remixed for a new era

Keith Smith steps us through how to use influencer marketing for business growth, it’s not the old ads tune, it’s PR remixed…
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Forget the buzzwords; influencer marketing is about building relationships

Our resident Rockstar CMO, Ted Rubin, keeps it simple and tells it straight; influencer marketing is about looking people in the eye and building relationships…
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Wedgewood vs Sex Pistols – what is influence anyway?

What’s your influencer groove? Shilling for a product or promoting ideas and change? Robert Rose, author and Chief Strategy Officer at The Content Advisory grabs the mic…
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Who should be the Lead singer in the Influencer Marketing supergroup?

Is there a fight for the microphone when it comes to leading influencer marketing programs? Lauren Bowden Chief Content Creator at The Comms Crowd suggests it’s the work of the whole band…
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The slim chance of truth in the influencer siren song

Influencer marketing is in a bit of state, as marketing writer Morag Cuddeford-Jones shares and consumers need to be aware and may be saved from themselves…
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Into the Pool #18: The Bloody Goldfish

In this issue, we are leaning over the balcony of the penthouse with a big glass bowl and a fish, our partner in crime this issue is Robert Rose. But why are we standing here with a fish?…
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