Like the legendary DJ Deadmau5, our agency insider dons a mask, but the track he drops each issue reveals what’s really happening inside big agencies. In this issue, he’s got a warning for T-Rex, not the legendary glam rock band, but the agency dinosaurs..

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It feels like every day we read about some jobs disappearing due to automation, or the advancement of robotics in a particular sector (which of course also means some poor sucker is going to lose their job in the near future). We never really hear about that in the advertising sector…but it’s coming!

Automation won’t completely remove jobs in our sector, account people will still be required, as will project managers, creatives, strategists etc., but it has caused a change in the ‘make-up’ of said positions. The advancement of digital marketing has led to the need for a whole new type of advertiser.

Those old stalwarts, masters of their fields, the ones that only ever did above the line advertising, are dying off like the good old dinosaurs, to be replaced by “T” shaped capable individuals. They have a broad experience of the connected eco-system that allows a good understanding of how strategies are deployed, how technologies are leveraged to deliver messages and how data is used to improve delivery. These people will also have deep expertise in one specific area, for example in the creation of video communications, but combined with their broad knowledge will know how to amend their work to suit multi-channel needs and delivery.

This is of course happening now, but it amazes me to see that in my company there are still T-Rex, Triceratops and Brontosaurus types all clinging on for dear life to their old habitats, hoping that if they close their eyes, or stick their heads in the sand, change will pass them by and leave them be.

Wake up you morons…change is here and as the saying goes (one the dinosaurs obviously didn’t pay attention to) ADAPT or DIE.

Ready to rock?

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