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JUNE 2020

This month’s issue is named after a genuine classic album, at least here in the UK, or maybe just here in the Rockstar CMO penthouse! It’s Soul II Soul’s 1989 album Club Classics Volume One.

Why this album this month? Well, it’s for the track “Keep on movin'” that captures the theme of this month’s issue, as we hopefully enter the tail end of the worst of the pandemic, and cautiously get back to marketing.

Our Rockstar CMOs and writers have served up some fantastic advice this month. From what the pandemic has taught us that we need to keep doing, some tips on virtual events and personal branding, to how to prepare for what is likely to be uncertain economic times. Plus, all the usual shenanigans.



Ian Truscott | Founding Editor | @iantruscott

Don’t stop
Keep on moving, don’t stop no (Like the hands of time)
Keep on moving (click clock)
(Find your own way to stay) keep on moving
The time will come one day

Keep on movin’ – Soul II Soul

Post-pandemic personal branding: Turn it up to eleven

Personal branding expert Jane Scandurra shares 3 tips to turn your personal brand up to 11, to avoid being “out of sight, out of mind” in the wake of the current pandemic…
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The Green Room: Five CMOs name their crisis keepers

We ask five of our Rockstar CMOs what they’ve learned during the crisis and what practices we should keep as the world slowly emerges from lockdown…
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Altogether now (on a video conferencing platform of your choice)

All of our gigs have gone virtual and marketing teams have had to quickly pivot to embrace this change. We’ve all experienced the hits, the one hits wonders and the misses, Lauren Bowden, experienced B2B marketer shares her experience…
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Play for the customer, not the brand

This month, senior content marketer and marketing technology analyst Barb Mosher Zinck picks out some brands that have learned to play their tune for the customer, not for the brand and hopes that this playlist continues after the current Covid-19 crisis…
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Beat the budget blues with digital marketing

Right now businesses are really feeling the pinch, and many are going under. For experienced copywriter Carmine Mastropierro, when money’s too tight to mention, there’s little point spending it frivolously. A focus on digital marketing might help see you through…
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Light up the sky like a flame, fame!

He may not be Irene Cara, but this month Dennis Shiao tells his inspiring personal branding story. It’s something you might have got a hint of when we chatted to him on the podcast, from the Yankees, through virtual events to lights camera, action…
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Never mind the bullshit: How creativity really happens

Keith Smith, MD at The Advertist has been exploring creativity. Along with our editor Ian Truscott, he has chatted with his network of agency legends and creatives to find out where they find the inspiration for their work and how creativity happens…
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The Sample: Keep on movin’

Welcome to The Sample, where we whirl the dial on the interwebs, hit record, and sample what we hear about the topic in this issue. This month our attention is drawn to the tension in marketing right now, about moving forward, waiting and what’s next…
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Adnonamau5: In the Land of the Blind…the Consultant is King

Like the legendary DJ Deadmau5, this month our anonymous agency executive anonomau5 dons a mask to do his best work. This month his head honchos are clearly hanging out with men in gray suits…
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Tales from the tour bus: Carlos Doughty and the MarTech Alliance

On the tour bus this month is Carlos Doughty, founder of the Martech Alliance, who recently ran a series of virtual events called the MarTechFest Dial-up and we caught up with him to find out how that went…
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The Swimming Pool #25: Bandwagoning

This month we are joined John Howe-Marshall, Chief Marketing Officer of SplitmediaLabs on the penthouse balcony, ready to give the heave-ho to “Bandwagoning”…
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Back to life, back to the present time,

back from a fantasy.

Yeah Tell me now, take the initiative,

I’ll leave it in your hands until you’re ready.

Back to life – Soul II Soul

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