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JULY 2019

This month our Rockstar CMOs drop their groove on how they inspire their colleagues outside marketing to sing, as we discuss the theme of employee engagement. We have a bunch of new band members making their debuts, so we’ve reached for The Kooks album Inside In / Inside Out to set the tone, a classic debut album.

Inside In

The Green Room is where the action starts. EIGHT of our fabulous band of CMOs chime in with their advice on how marketing can get the internal fan club jumping.

Regulars Robert Rose and Ted Rubin keep that party going by digging a little deeper into the topic, as does marketing consultant and coach Jane Scandurra, making her debut in the Rockstar CMO penthouse.

Inside Out

We introduce another couple of debutants who take are looking inside-outside for fans; Lauren Bowden, Chief Content Creator for PR agency Comms Crowd digs into a topic that gets my head nodding – B2B marketing that does not need to be boring and Keith Smith, MD at the Advertist takes a look at the seemingly taboo topic in the digital age of cold calling.

The Kooks

Our anonymous adman, Adnonamau5 returns with a fairly blunt perspective on the pointlessness of much of the ad creation process.

Talking of blunt perspectives, Morag Cuddeford-Jones continues her series of rants with her all-consuming rage against content and on a lighter note we are delighted to go backstage with Jasmine Martirossian, VP, Marketing at TÜV SÜD Americas Inc, part of the massive 20,000 person German testing group, who shares some fun, inspiration and insights.

With a third of our time and budgets being sunk into tech, we still have the martech song stuck in our heads and we get the opinions of industry heavy hitters Cathy Mcknight, David Aponovich, Darren Guarnaccia and John Kottcamp on whether Marketing Clouds are lip-sinking fakers or the fab four. While into the Swimming Pool splashes “More Tech will fix it”.

Welcome to The Inside In / Inside Out issue!

So at my show on Monday
I was hoping someday
You’d be on your way to better things
It’s not about your make-up
Or how you try to shape up
To these tiresome paper dreams
Paper dreams honey

She Moves in Her own Way – The Kooks

Nothing lasts forever, of that I’m sure

The brands they are a changin’ – well, ones who want success are, and Keith Smith, inspired by a bit of Bryan Ferry talks to branding expert Rob Bloxham about how marketers need to deal in change…
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The Green Room: Amplify the Sound; Turn Colleagues into Fans

It’s clear, our brand, service and value are in the hands of everyone in a business. In the Green Room this month we sit down with eight of our Rockstar CMOs and ask them how they approach getting employees engaged, in sharing the story…
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“Wait…What’s in it for ME?”

If marketing wants to tap into the power of having an employee fan club, we need to rock their world not ours, as global marketing consultant and coach Jane Scandurra explains…
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Backstage with Jasmine Martirossian

What has marketing got to do with the laws of physics? We talk to author, frequent conference keynote and VP of Marketing at TÜV SÜD Americas, Jasmine Martirossian…
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Don’t call me, I ain’t listening

In 1980 Blondie urged us to “CALL ME” but in 2019 as a way to build a business, the telephone seems as outdated as the cassette tape I first heard her say that on. But.. not so fast, some of the best commercial relationships start with the coldest of calls, as business development expert Keith Smith explores…
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Taking a good look at people can stop B2B = Boring 2 Boring

Playing along to the elevator music of your industry won’t get you noticed by a distracted buyer looking for differentiation in a crowded market. Lauren Bowden suggests it’s time to shake things up a bit…
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Marketing Clouds: Lip-syncing Fake or Fab Four?

We can’t get the marketing technology song out of our head, it’s a topic we keep returning to and in this article, we talk to four practitioners from across the industry and get their take on the latest solution to all of our problems – Marketing Clouds…
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An all-consuming RAGE against the content

It’s not so much about ‘consuming’ content as having rubbish rammed down your throat, complains Morag Cuddeford-Jones…
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Sing the Same Song – 3 Steps for Employee Engagement

We asked our content marketing hero, Robert Rose, how he would approach the theme of this month’s issue – employee engagement – and he shares three steps to get everyone singing the same song…
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Adnonamau5: Pretty Pictures and Crayons

Our anonymouys advertiser. Adnonamau5 (pronounced ad-nonymous) returns with a fairly blunt perspective on the pointlessness of much of the ad creation process…
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Into the Pool #16 – More Tech Will Fix It

We find ourselves peering over the balcony pondering the fate of the idea that “more tech will fix it”. We hear from a queue of folks on hand to help, will it make a splash?…
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Ted’s Tips and Tools for Employee Advocacy

Our resident Rockstar CMO, Ted Rubin, shares his secrets and suggests tools for going from experiment to advocacy with employee engagement…
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