Maintaining a bitchin’ relationship

Marketing journalist Morag Cuddeford-Jones casts a cynical eye over the true nature of the relationships between marketing, their agencies and tech vendors, but has some positive advice on how to turn bitchin’ to a bitchin’ relationship.

Just a formality

As a marketing journalist, Morag Cuddeford-Jones hears the same tune on repeat – how ‘seamless’ companies are making the customer experience and in this issue, this self-confessed “data tart” gives us a view from the real world and its endless forms…

Who are you?

You know, marketers really need to know. The only trouble is, says marketing journalist Morag Cuddeford-Jones; I don’t know who I am half the time. So what chance have you got?

Product (mis)placement

Morag Cuddleford-Jones takes up the challenge to pick her way through the minefield of acronyms, departmental silos and systems to figure out the essential bit of the marketing technology stack that should be safeguarding our product content.

A Creep Unlike Me

Marketing consultant, journalist and editor Morag Cuddeford-Jones on how to avoid being both creepy and stalkerish, and to instead use invisible personalization to smash your loftiest customer experience goals.

When It Comes to Content – Let It Flow!

Paid, owned and earned – it’s a very neat wrap up of how brands should organize their content. If only it were that simple. censhare’s Morag Cuddeford-Jones explores the perils, pitfalls and potential of how we organize and use our content.