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The internal and external collaborations that enable Rockstar CMOs to create their marketing groove is the theme of this issue. Reading the articles from our wonderful Rockstar CMOs and their bandmates, it’s clear that the best marketing tune is a big band sound, not a solo or duet.

But don’t think we are going all Glen Miller big band with our classic album, as we dipped into the record box and pulled out the Funkadelics, as the title of this classic track and album speaks to what we marketers are trying to achieve, so welcome to The One Nation Under A Groove Issue.

Enjoy this issue!

Ian Truscott

Editor -in-Chief @rockstarcmo | @iantruscott

One nation under a groove
Gettin’ down just for the funk of it
One nation and we’re on the move
Nothin’ can stop us now

The Green Room: Marketing collaborations

Every month we grab our backstage pass to our Rockstar CMO’s, hang out in the Green Room and over a glass of whatever we can find in the mini bar, pick a topic and chat. This month Ian Truscott asks who do our Rockstar CMOs most like to duet with?…
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Employee Created Content: Found money in the couch cushions of the marketing budget

Following the theme of partnership for this issue, John Andrews, CEO of Photofy shares how to engage the often-overlooked channel in the cubicles around you as Employee Created Content becomes a trusted source for influencers and buyers…
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The Sample: Putting the show together

This month we kick off a new series, The Sample, where we whirl the dial on the interwebs, hit record and sample what we hear. The topic of this issue is the critical partnerships CMOs need to put on the marketing show…
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One piece at a time

Keith Smith, an expert on the drums of new business, is inspired by the tale that Johnny Cash told of a man building a Cadillac one stolen part at a time. Perhaps we as sales and marketers are taking an equally discordant approach when playing our tune to woo new clients…
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“You’ve got a friend” in former employees

Of all the collaborations we focus on as marketers, how often do we consider a duet with our former colleagues? There’s value in staying connected says Jane Scandurra…
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Pay attention to the person in the partnership

When you find that potential partner, this advice, that our resident Rockstar Ted Rubin got for his first sales role, holds true today…
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Employees: The New Empowered Generation

Marketing needs to realize that we aren’t the only ones holding the mic, we need to create a chorus with our colleagues across the business, from the cash register to the C suite, to create a hit marketing sound. Casey Petersen charts how we got here and what we do now…
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Backstage with J. Robert Slaughter

Having been following the direct opinions and observations of this fractional CMO, veteran marketing & sales strategist and practitioner, we had to sit down with J.Robert Slaughter and learn more…
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Sales and Marketing: Less ‘When Two Tribes Go to War’, More ‘It Takes Two’

The “leads are weak” the sales lead singer laments to the marketing songwriters and backing band. Lauren Bowden of The Comms Crowd suggests on how to heal the band’s creative differences…
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Maintaining a bitchin’ relationship

Marketing journalist Morag Cuddeford-Jones casts a cynical eye over the true nature of the relationships between marketing, their agencies and tech vendors, but has some positive advice on how to turn bitchin’ to a bitchin’ relationship…
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That catchy marketing tune is not a solo or a duet, it’s by the band

We asked our Rockstar CMOs who is the most important collaborator when they want to make that sweet marketing music. Some pushed back on choosing just one, like Robert Rose, author and Chief Strategy Officer at The Content Advisory who suggests the best marketing acts need a band…
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The Swimming Pool #19: Self-serving “market research”

You find us on the Rockstar CMO penthouse balcony, peering down at the pool. This time after a very jolly conversation with Sydni Craig-Hart we have a whiteboard and several reams of printed PowerPoints that are about to get very wet. Why?…
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adnonamau5: The force and a world in peril

Once again like the legendary DJ, Deadmau5, our anonymous advertiser has donned the mask and shares a plea to his industry to take some social responsibility…
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