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MARCH 2020

In this special issue, in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we’ve put together a compilation of some fabulous articles and interviews featuring the women that have made the last 22 issues rock.

The title of this issue is from the 1980 album by Hazel O’Connor, from the British film of the same name, that charts the battle of a young female singer wanting to be a rockstar.

You may not have heard of Hazel O’Connor, but when she toured the UK to promote the album, the opening act was a then-unknown group called Duran Duran. It was the band’s first opportunity to play to large audiences throughout the UK and gave them the exposure they needed to secure a recording contract. Let’s hope on #IWD those boys are remembering this woman’s role in their career.

Not only is this special remix issue a tribute to the women that we have interviewed or that contribute their thought leadership to our little publication, but I also want to thank Sandra Vogel, a wonderful editor who has helped me with many of the recent issues and Lucy Campbell-Woodward who was there at the beginning and helped us get this band together.


I love the sound of breaking glass

Deep into the night

I love the work on it can do

Nick Lowe

I don’t listen to 80% of the crap that other marketers on the internet tell me I have to do. It is great to learn and try out things, but use the processes that work best for your company.

Amber Osborne


Of the backstage interviews that we’ve done over the last two years, half have been with leading women marketers and it’s quite a roll call.

In this backstage interview we find out how founder and CEO of Lately, Kate Bradley Chernis, a former DJ with an audience of 20 million listeners got Walmart dancing…
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Lynne Capozzi is the CMO of Acquia, a global marketing technology vendor. Ian Truscott sits down with this passionate marketer and finds out what get’s her marketing mojo working…
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What has marketing got to do with the laws of physics? We talk to author, frequent conference keynote and VP of Marketing at TÜV SÜD Americas, Jasmine Martirossian…
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Margaret Molloy, Forbes Top 5 Most Influential CMOs talks about the power of simplicity, always staying relevant to the customer, and building brands into movements…
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A classically-trained mezzo soprano, entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, marketing leader, L.Michelle Smith is on a mission and shares her insights from a 25 year career…
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Global Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, Executive Board Advisor, keynote speaker, CMO Council Co-Chair, author of 3 books, Jeanniey Mullen is a woman in demand…
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Award-winning marketer with 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry and VP of Marketing at Service Credit Union, Wendy Bryant-Beswick shares how she starts with values…
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Amber Osborne, Forbes #2 Most Influential CMO on Social, discusses feeling like an imposter, destroying stereotypes in business, and the challenges disruptive markets.…
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Jenni Young, the CMO of tappit shares the importance of company values, building solid relationships, and why creating a culture of risk can lead to marketing success. Oh, and Creme Eggs…
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Christine Bailey is CMO of Valitor, having forged a career in the tech sector, she’s led European marketing for Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems, and writes frequently for Forbes Woman…
Read More’s not about functional expertise. It’s about the ability to understand, motivate and influence people. 

Margaret Molloy


Here’s a pick from our regular writers that were gifted with the multitasking-directions-asking-feel-no-pain-it’s-just-a-bloody-cold chromosome and a great interview with a leading woman in tech, sharing her top priorities for marketing.

Tips for Content Marketers (with a little help from the Beatles)

At Rockstar CMO, we clearly can’t do this without a little help from our friends. And one of our friends, senior content marketer and marketing technology analyst Barb Mosher Zinck suggests that there is more that we marketers can learn from the lyrics of the Beatles…
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Who are you?

You know, marketers really need to know. The only trouble is, says marketing journalist Morag Cuddeford-Jones; I don’t know who I am half the time. So what chance have you got?…
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“Wait…What’s in it for ME?”

If marketing wants to tap into the power of having an employee fan club, we need to rock their world not ours, as global marketing consultant and coach Jane Scandurra explains…
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Taking a good look at people can stop B2B = Boring 2 Boring

Playing along to the elevator music of your industry won’t get you noticed by a distracted buyer looking for differentiation in a crowded market. Lauren Bowden suggests it’s time to shake things up a bit…
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Drop the Vanity, it’s Time for Action, Not Eyeballs

As we run with the theme of privacy this issue, we asked Rachel Miller, social and influencer marketing expert for her take on the topic and, of course, we were not disappointed…
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Five Marketing Truths from Paige O’Neill

I got a backstage pass at the Sitecore Experience event in London, the opportunity to catch-up with my old boss Paige O’Neill and chat about her keynote and her latest message to marketers…
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In a noisy, distracted world, those who know how to EARN the attention and trust of their most important stakeholders by delivering consistent value, WIN BIG. 

Jane Scandurra

The Tour Bus

It’s not just the Rockstar CMO’s and writers that have got our audience grooving to girl power, two of our favorite interviews last year were in our Tales from the Tour Bus series, talking to two agency owners and entrepreneurs.

Tales from the Tour Bus: Sydni Craig-Hart

When Robert Rose interviewed this champion of small, minority and women owned businesses on his podcast, we had to jump on the Tour Bus with multicultural marketing expert Sydni Craig-Hart and find out more…

Tales from the Tour Bus: Janice B. Gordon

Like the Rolling Stones versus the Beatles or Oasis versus Blur, sales and marketing have a reputation for not always getting along. So, for this Tale from the Tour Bus we cross the tracks, to speak to sales mentor Janice B. Gordon…

…your audience is not homogeneous. In fact, your audience has never been more diverse. If you ignore the diversity of your target market and don’t have an inclusive approach to your campaign design process, you’re guaranteed to develop tone-deaf content that helps no-one

Sydni Craig-Hart


Check out The International Women’s Day website and find out what you can do to celebrate the achievements of women and help forge a gender-equal world.

Know what? Bitches get things done

Tina Fey

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