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September 2020

2020 has been a bit of a blur, many people talk about how lockdown has changed their routine to the point they are unsure what day, week, or month it is, and our work and home lives have become blurred. Do we work from home, or are we now doing home at work?

And that’s the theme for this month, those blurry lines.

Maybe we can’t help you know what day of the week it is, after all, we’ve slid the date of this issue out by a week. But, you can trust our wonderful community of senior marketers to have lots of advice for dealing with the blurry lines, between work, home, and specifically what it means in social media as we blend our personal and professional passions.

With a theme like that, the classic album chooses itself, the 1997 album Blur by The Blur, the British Britpop act, and for a change I might have picked something that others will agree is a classic, NME once ranked it at number 137 in its list of Greatest Albums of All Time.

Welcome to THE BLUR ISSUE!


Ian Truscott | Founding Editor | @iantruscott

Backstage Q&A – Eric Jan van Putten – Dynamicweb

This month we go backstage with a shiny new CMO, Eric Jan van Putten who is fresh in post at Dynamicweb, after a diverse marketing career working through the B2B tech marketing ranks, we find out d findwhere this new CMO finds his marketing mojo…
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Nothing blurry when you walk the talk

If you follow Kate Bradley Chernis, Co-Founder & CEO of Lately, an A.I. powered social media marketing platform, you’ll know her as an extremely passionate entrepreneur that she puts it all out there. So who better to ask about the blur between home, work, and social?…
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Authenticity is key when blurring the line between personal and the organizations brand

In her second article for this month’s issue, Jasmine Martirossian, Ph.D., VP Marketing at TÜV SÜD Americas, shares her advice on balancing personal brand and representing your employer and a great example of how to lead when balancing freedom of speech and connected employees…
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The Green Room: A bit of a blur

Sounds very rockstar, but this month’s Green Room is literally a bit of a blur. We’ve had an extended period of pandemic lockdown and the separation between home and work has become blurred. We asked six of our rockstar CMOs for their advice…
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Who decided the lines?

We caught up with Ted Rubin this month and asked him about the theme of this month’s issue, specifically the blurry lines on social media as we blend our personal lives and social connections with our professional passions and the work we do. His response is typically straight-talking…
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The personal brand blur

Accomplished B2B marketer and marketing writer Dennis Shiao shares his experience of balancing his personal brand with that of his employers and what he learned about that blurry line early in his career…
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The Swimming Pool #27 – A marketer that wants to be your friend

This month our trip to the Rockstar CMO penthouse balcony, is inspired by business development expert and coach Caroline Kay, as we prepare “a marketer that wants to be your friend” for its watery demise…
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Play Stupid Games. Win Stupid Prizes

In the month that saw Tom Goodwin relieved of his duties at Publicis for sharing on social media content that wasn’t to his employer’s taste, we asked Robert Rose for his take on the blurry lines between professional and social…
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Don’t stop the marketing music, change the tune

Ahmed Hassan, independent Digital Transformation Strategist and former Chief Digital Officer at Spark44 suggests we don’t stop our marketing activities as we emerge from the pandemic but adapt them…
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What do you expect if you speak your mind?

The blurry lines between personal opinion expressed on social media and those aligned with your employer seemed to have done it for Tom Goodwin at Publicis. Keith Smith, MD at the Advertist isn’t surprised and he has a theory about why this is more common as we’re working more from home…
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Bring calm to the uncharted waters of COVID-19

As our lives get blurred Jasmine Martirossian, Ph.D., VP Marketing at TÜV SÜD Americas shares with us how she is finding some calm, with a bit of Zen in these stressful times…
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The Sample – Blurred Lines

This month on The Sample we spin the dial on the interwebs to discover what you should be grooving to. The topic, the blurring lines between work and home, both at work and on social media…
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