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If you are looking for a classic album for the holidays, it’s hard to argue against Nat King Cole. As good marketers, we did our research into the numbers and sure his classic ‘The Magic of Christmas‘ is now outsold by Michael Buble or Kenny G, but as we all know, the data doesn’t always tell the whole story about great content and Mr. Cole now soothes the Rockstar CMO penthouse through the holidays.

Plus, The Magic of Christmas is right, this whole issue feels like magic, despite the crunch that is the holiday period for our Rockstar CMOs and writers, we have a bountiful pile of presents from them in one of our biggest issues to date, as they generously share their learnings from this year and their top marketing gifts.

Welcome to The Magic of Christmas Issue.


Ian Truscott

Editor -in-Chief @rockstarcmo | @iantruscott

12 days of Rockstar CMO Christmas

As we approach the UK holidays and celebrate the US Thanksgiving, I thought I’d destroy a beloved Christmas carol with my our gifts for the 12 days of Christmas.
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Data: the gift that keeps on giving

Christine Bailey, CMO of Valitor, an international payment solutions company has found success in thought leadership marketing and she has the data to prove it. And, you can too, as Christine gets into the holiday spirit with the gift of their research.
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Into the Pool #21: Personalization at scale

This month we are hanging over the balcony with the fractional CMO and marketing strategist, J. Robert Slaughter, who has nominated ‘personalization at scale’ for the drop to it’s watery demise.
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Consumers are loyal to experience, not brands

‘Tis the season to be shopping and Ted Rubin, our straight-talking resident rock star and Photofy CMO gift-wraps this timely reminder for retailers and brands. It’s not just the brand, product or price, it’s the experience.
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The Green Room – Holiday potluck lunch

We’ve grabbed our backstage pass for holiday treats in the Green Room. In a tradition we’ve borrowed from the US, the potluck lunch where everyone brings a favorite to share, we’ve asked our Rockstars what they would bring from this year to share with the world of marketing.
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A holiday gift: enough of the bullshit

It’s almost Christmas and the fine gentleman of Beehive are giving away copies of their keen observation on marketing ‘How to Avoid Brand Bullshit’. Here is a review from Keith Smith.
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Backstage with Kate Bradley Chernis

In this backstage interview we find out how founder and CEO of Lately, Kate Bradley Chernis, a former DJ with an audience of 20 million listeners got Walmart dancing.
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Your customer experience is your brand

The theme of this holiday issue is reflection on the year, thanks and the gifts we can share with our fellow marketers. In this article, Wendy Bryant-Beswick, VP Marketing for Service Credit Union gets in the spirit and shares her spoonful of advice
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Thank you for the music

Dennis Shiao is definitely in the holiday mood as he reflects and gives thanks to the band that has inspired his marketing music.
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All I Want For Christmas Is The Day Off

In this holiday issue, freelance marketing writer Morag Cuddeford-Jones has a simple wish, not just for herself, but for all employees as time off could be a gift, not just to them. but to your organization and customers.
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Tips for Content Marketers (with a little help from the Beatles)

At Rockstar CMO, we clearly can’t do this without a little help from our friends. And one of our friends, senior content marketer and marketing technology analyst Barb Mosher Zinck suggests that there is more that we marketers can learn from the lyrics of the Beatles.
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adnonamau5 – an advertisers 12 days of Christmas

Like the legendary DJ Deadmau5, our anonymous advertiser adnonamau5 does his best work in a mask, as he reveals the dirty little secrets of life in a big agency. This month he seems a bit jollier, with a Christmas carol of wishes for the holidays, that we think we can all nod along with.
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