Christine Bailey, CMO of Valitor, an international payment solutions company has found success in thought leadership marketing and she has the data to prove it. And, you can too, as Christine gets into the holiday spirit with the gift of their research.

2019 has been about deeply understanding our audience and refining our value propositions to target individuals who are showing buying intent, as opposed to just matching our target profiles. 

Thought leadership marketing is working well for us – making sure we understand what kind of content resonates and through which channels. We’ve amplified our content through paid social and have added channels such as Instagram and Facebook for our small business audience.

In my opinion, the winners in 2020 will be those who manage to get all of their customer data in one place and combine it with behavioral and digital footprint data to serve up personalized propositions at the right time through the right channels. Demographics are dead. Personas should be your number one focus! Savvy marketers will combine privacy WITH personalization and not see them as mutually exclusive. 

Our own research shows that 75% of consumers are comfortable with the concept of a brand holding personal information of some sort in order to improve their relationship. Indeed, 47% of respondents go so far as to say they’re happy to give retailers their data to improve and personalize the service they receive. To find out more (as it’s the season of giving….) I have two brand new research-based reports to share: 

  1. What Consumers Really Want: shoppers’ behaviors in an instant-everything world (produced in conjunction with Retail Week)
  2. Privacy versus Personalisation

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