The Nevermind Issue

In this era of fake news and a cynical, connected consumer wary of the lies, authenticity is a hot marketing topic. And that’s the theme for this month’s issue.We’ve picked an absolute class album as its soundtrack, featuring the single ‘Come As You Are’. It has to be Nevermind by Nirvana.

The Seat at the Table Issue

This month we’re focusing on the reason we started this thing in the first place: the next generation of marketers. So you can expect a fresh and youthful perspective – this time inspired by Solange’s album, A Seat At The Table.

The Straight Outta Compton Issue

In this month’s dose of marketing street knowledge, we’ve definitely crossed the tracks as our writers take us to the wrong side of town. We’ve slapped the parental advisory sticker onto this issue, and there was only one album that could be our theme – welcome to Straight Outta Compton.

The OK Computer Issue

This month we are on much safer ground with our definition of a ‘classic’ album, as we demand that our office virtual assistant play Radiohead’s OK Computer and we get our geek on – turning our attention to the rise of the marketing machines.

The Age of Consent Issue

Like it or not, post-GDPR truly is the age of consent and as we dug into the record box at the GDPR after party, this issue’s album title chose itself: The Age of Consent by Bronksi Beat.

Project: Funk Da World Issue

We’ve decided to name each issue after classic album titles. Cute right? I suggested 1994’s Project: Funk Da World by Craig Mack. And while there was a strong argument that it’s not considered a classic, it does feature ‘Flava in Ya Ear’. And like Mr. Mack, we’re intent on “bringing a brand new flava in ya ear”.

Sound Check

We are live with our first issue,”SOUNDCHECK”. Consider this a preview date, a sneak peek of our act, while we tune up before the stadium tour.