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The Age of Consent Issue

June 2018

As we dug into the record box at the GDPR after party, this issue’s album title practically chose itself: The Age of Consent by Bronksi Beat.Like it or not, post-GDPR truly is the age of consent. We’ve lined up some great features on this, from Gareth May on how GDPR will be no sweat, Robert Rose’s reminder that GDPR is an opportunity, social research guru Misia Tramp’s lowdown on the Cambridge Analytica bollocks, and Helene Dancer on why we should go Stark Bollock Naked.

Have we reached peak influencer, asks Maude Churchill? Darren Guarnaccia talks the pitfalls of personalization, we hit the pool with another crate of marketing bullshit, and of course, our resident rock star Ted Rubin tells it straight.

So, welcome to The Age of Consent. Enjoy.

The Editor

Never Mind the Bollocks: Here’s Cambridge Analytica

Ian Truscott sits down with Misia Tramp – VP of customer experience strategy and insights at digital marketing agency Metia – to discuss Cambridge Analytica and the (mis)use of social data…

Simplicity Is the New Everyday Low Price

Consumers have always valued simplicity, in part because it’s often not so easy to find with the retail experience. Ted Rubin on keeping retail simple…

Retailers: Discounting Your Way Out of Trouble is a Death Spiral

Why ditching the discount and dialling up the customer experience (with a focus on flexibility) is more likely to deliver success. Ted Rubin tells all…

Hello GDPR! We’re Here to Rock You!

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on Email As the General Data Protection Regulation…

Rage Within the Machine: Finding the Opportunity in Restrictions

The most rockin’ of rock stars know rules are made to be broken. Or are they? Gareth Mayfinds out whether the best way to get your brand over the line is not to cross it.…

What Everyone Gets Wrong With Personalization

Personalization is good – if you do it right. Darren Guarnaccia breaks down how you can avoid using it as a weapon of mass irritation, instead changing it into something that can offer real value to consumers.…

Stark Bollock Naked

To wear a sock, or not? Debates around radical transparency are heating up as experts, cynics and customers consider just how much they need to see in order to trust a brand. Helene Dancer investigates.…

Bad Influence

Our social channels are saturated with ‘influencers’ representing brands looking to sell us something. Maude Churchill talks with ENDLESSLOVESHOW founder Kazim Rashid and asks: Have we reached peak influencer?…

Into the Pool #3: Programmatic

The pool guy is not going to be pleased with what he’s going to be scooping out in the morning. In this issue, more of that lazy and cheap shit is on its way down, as Robert Rose hands over programmatic and Ian Truscott does the honors…

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