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July 2018

This month we are on much safer ground with our definition of a ‘classic’ album, as we demand that our office virtual assistant play Radiohead’s OK Computer and we get our geek on – turning our attention to the rise of the marketing machines.

“Radiohead’s anxiety and disillusionment” (Rolling Stone Magazine’s words, not mine) could be the perfect soundtrack as we ponder augmented reality, facial recognition, third party data, the algorithms that we all seem so dependent on today and the impact all this has on content marketing

As well as our usual shenanigans, we chuck Marketing Suites in the pool, we get backstage with marketing tech entrepreneur John Andrews and Ted tells it straight.

Welcome to the OK Computer Issue. Enjoy!

The Editor

Backstage with John Andrews

Ian Truscott sat down with John Andrews, head honcho at Photofy – and chat about his 20 years’ experience in digital marketing…

Paranoid Android

Facial recognition is a pervasive and powerful tool, offering brands near-limitless possibilities when it comes to engaging their target audiences. But despite the benefits it can afford both brand and customer, is it just too, well, sinister? Dave Waller talks to futurist Mark Stevenson and investigates…

Into the Pool #4: Marketing Suites

Encouraged by Darren Guarnaccia we’re taking bets on the size of splash that single vendor marketing suites are going to make as he offers up his bugbear…

Is this the Real Life?

There’s a new kid on the block: augmented reality. Gareth May speaks to investigators and innovators about the latest tech to rock the brand landscape. …

Third-Party Data is Dead, Long Live First-Party Data!

In this new Trust economy, consent makes getting and using third-party data increasingly difficult. Lytics CMO Darren Guarnaccia on why third-party data is yesterday’s news…

Algorithm and Blues

Technology means we’re getting ever more personal with our customers. Or so we think… Helene Dancer asks: Do too many algorithms mean we’re actually beginning to lose the human touch?…

Why Technology Will Change Content Marketing

Robert Rose takes a look at how technology will impact the way we craft and share our marketing tunes – and the dangers of a split in the C-suite band.…

The Most Overlooked and Critical Component of Customer Experience

Our resident rock star Ted Rubin on why data needs to be used more intelligently in the quest for brand equity.…

Tips for Generating Better Customer Experience

Success in marketing goes hand in hand with good customer experience. Need to up your customer experience game? Ted Rubin breaks down how.…

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