Dedicated Followers (After a Fashion)

Influencers are the latest group to buy fake followers in order to boost their appeal. But while a large follower count may look good, as Dave Waller discovers, this isn’t just a numbers game…

Everybody Has a Star

China is now only a year from launching its Social Credit system, in which every person’s trustworthiness is ranked – like an Uber ride or a hotel on TripAdvisor. David Waller investigates the impact on brands.

It’s Good to Talk

With the likes of Alexa, Google Home and Siri, voice assistants are more popular than ever. Capable of making our lives easier in a flash, the devices featuring these AI are fast becoming an indispensable part of our everyday. But what does the future hold for this tech?

Even Better Than The Real Thing

Authenticity is a seductive concept. So much so that marketers are conjuring ever more inauthentic ways to try to sell it. The good news is that authentic marketing needn’t be an oxymoron. You just have to be brave – and… drum roll… actually mean what you’re saying…

Selling Death Row

It’s the dilemma every marketer faces sooner or later: is it right to be selling this product? Dave Waller investigates and finds out that the answer’s not as black and white as you might think…

Paranoid Android

Facial recognition is a pervasive and powerful tool, offering brands near-limitless possibilities when it comes to engaging their target audiences. But despite the benefits it can afford both brand and customer, is it just too, well, sinister? Dave Waller talks to futurist Mark Stevenson and investigates…

Prince of Darkness: Andre van Loon on Acing Dark Social

Marketers are in a flap: private messaging platforms are on the rise, making it harder to track what people are saying about their products. Yet so-called ‘dark social’ is nothing to be frightened of. Dave Waller gets the skinny on going dark – no biting off bat heads required.