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March 2018

1..2… 1..2… Hello Cleveland!

We are live with our first issue,”SOUNDCHECK”. Consider this a preview date, a sneak peek of our act, while we tune up before the stadium tour.  

Our gig is that once a month we will share big marketing opinions and ideas undiluted with bullshit business speak, creating and sharing stuff that people really give a crap about and hand the mic to the cool kids. (Find out more in the sleeve notes). 

Along the way we want to inspire and support the next generation CMO, with sage advice from the future-looking shamans of this industry.

In this issue, in addition to some in-depth articles from our wicked smart editorial team, those cool kids include Ted Rubin, Robert Rose, Darren Guarnaccia and Ian Truscott. 


“There are 106 miles to Chicago. We have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses” – Elwood – Blues Brothers

Beware the Risks of Arrogance and Pride in Business

Buzzing off those results you secured for your company? Feeling confident? Maybe even a little self-important? Time to check yourself, says Ted Rubin. …

Backstage with Robert Rose

Robert Rose is a certified rockstar. Not just because he’s a content marketing celebrity, but chat to him for a bit and you’ll learn that as a musician, he’s had more than a brush with being the real thing…

Closing Time: 18 Major Retailers that Likely Won’t Exist in 10 Years

Retail continues to be disrupted, our malls and high syreets continue to change, but brands seem unwilling to change, maybe in the belief they are “too big to fail”, Ted Rubin makes a bold prediction…

Why the Future of Retail is Not About the US

Think America is the be-all and end-all of retail? Think again. Ted Rubin, acting CMO of Brand Innovators and co-founder of Prevailing Path, explores why we need to look further than the States to understand where the future of retail really lies…

Authenticity Matters: Why Real Honesty and Genuine Opinions Make for Better Content

The recipe for boring, cookie-cutter content? Start out by considering your own opinion, and then forget all about it and write what you think people want – Ted Rubin explains…

Backstage with Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin is a leading social marketing strategist, keynote speaker, Photofy CMO/advisor, MC/host for Brand Innovators Summits Speaker, Author, Provocateur – Ted is our resident rock star…

Could Unilever be Marketing’s Bob Geldof?

Unilever has taken a stand over the fast and loose approach that social platforms are taking to their social responsibilities, yet in marketing we a similar reputation of being self-serving, more excited when someone does something cool that sells more Oreos than saving the world. Ian Truscott if brands will take the high road and follow Unilever… …

First in the pool: Agile Marketing

We kick off our series by flinging agile marketing off the balcony It’ll be one hell of a bill, but oh so worth it …

The Emperor is Butt Naked and Marketing is Broken

Marketing is about the customer. Or is it? Lytics CMO Darren Guarnaccia argues that thanks to a modern world of hard, quantifiable data, marketers have lost touch with the very thing they’re supposed to champion: humanity…

Backstage with Ian Truscott

Over a career spanning two decades, Ian Truscott has launched various B2B software products, been a developer, a chief technology officer, an industry analyst, a product marketer and a strategic advisor to blue chip companies inc. Nasdaq and American Express…

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Anarchy

The 27 club knew a thing or two about sucking all the marrow out of life, and the recent Cloverfield Paradox shock-drop revealed the marketing industry is dealing in when it comes to the unexpected. From film to fashion, music to gaming, Gareth May explores the rise and rise of surprise…

Brand vs Reputation

The difference between your brand and your reputation can be easy to miss because so many marketing writers use the terms interchangeably. The fact that the terms really are similar in many ways does little to help with the confusion. Ted tells it straight…

Prince of Darkness: Andre van Loon on Acing Dark Social

Marketers are in a flap: private messaging platforms are on the rise, making it harder to track what people are saying about their products. Yet so-called ‘dark social’ is nothing to be frightened of. Dave Waller gets the skinny on going dark – no biting off bat heads required.…

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