Principal, Strategic Advisory

Jeff Clark is a creative marketing executive with over 30 years of experience running corporate and product marketing teams at profitable, enterprise software companies and small start-ups. Most recently, he was the principal analyst for Marketing Operations at Forrester SiriusDecisions, where he helped hundreds of clients to improve planning and execution processes, including the adoption of integrated campaign strategies, martech optimization, and agile marketing to better align teams and improve outcomes.

Recently, Jeff has focused on helping software, IT managed services and cleantech companies to develop and hone their marketing capabilities with an eye to adopting our Five F’in Fundamentals of Marketing.

Jeff is a skilled and highly creative marketer who excels at many areas of marketing including corporate branding, communications, creative services, large scale events, building high-performance teams, and managing complex projects with many moving parts. His deep marketing experience is an asset to any team he leads, and his tireless work ethic and passion are inspiring

Paige O’Neill, CMO Seismic (& former CMO Sitecore and SDL)

Jeff’s Expertise

It’s too easy to stray from the fundamentals. Here’s how Jeff can help you get back on track:

Fractional Marketing Leadership

Whether you have a team of one or a cast of thousands (OK, that may be a stretch),  Jeff can play lead or support your leadership team.

Campaign Strategy & Implementation

It’s time to stop “random acts of marketing”, and create a holistic, integrated plan to engage your prospects and customers.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Marketing teams, and your executive peers, need a master plan with clear objectives and key results. Getting there may be easier than you think.  

Capability Gap Analysis

Where are your strengths? Where are your weaknesses? Are they in your team’s skills, technology, processes, ability to use data? A capability gap analysis can help you answer that across the team or zero in on your martech stack.

Marketing Operations Advisory

Your operations team can be the difference between performing as a collection of solo artists or tight band of rockstars. We help clients apply our Five F’in Fundamentals of Marketing Operations to rock your market.

Executive Presentation Development

Whether presenting to your board or hundreds of customers, you need to engage your audience with a convincing, memorable story line based on a clear hierarchy of ideas.

Latest from Jeff

  • Five Steps for CMOs to Get Aligned on Metrics
    Inspired by a recent conversation on the podcast with six-time CMO and former boss Grant Johnson about his Marketing Performance Index (MPI) framework, in this article Jeff Clark asks if we now have a framework for what CMOs should report, how do you get to the point where this reporting strategy is accepted?
  • The Hard Knocks: Martech Lessons Learned
    We’ve covered the best practices for marketing tech, which have come from our experience and lessons learned. These are often hard knocks that we can’t forget. Jeff Clark shares some of his experiences.
  • Marketing Ops: Is Your Machine in Tune?
    Jeff Clark asks whether you know if your machine needs lubrication, more oxygen or an overhaul, rather than the duct tape you’ve been using, to put your marketing team on the track.
  • Beware of the ROI Rabbit Hole
    Jeff Clark shares 5 ROI fundamentals, hard-earned from decades of exec team meetings and a few conversations that went down a rabbit hole.
  • Five F’in’ Fundamentals of Budget Planning
    An F’in’ practical set of Fundamentals to prepare for a new budget year from Jeff Clark.
  • 5 F’in’ Fundamentals: Marketing Operations
    Next up in our series of 5 F’in’ Fundamentals Jeff Clark has some advice for tuning up your marketing machine.

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