With all the noise, the acronyms, and the claims of thousands of marketing technology vendors, marketing can appear bloody complicated.

Since the launch of Rockstar CMO, we’ve been distilling down our decades of marketing experience into five marketing fundamentals to try and make things simple.

The Long Play

We’ve published them here in what we call a Long Play, for download, for free (no email).

These fundamentals are not pulled from the latest self-published work from a marketing maven (or god forbid a “ninja”), a TikFace influencer who’s giddy on Gary Vee, or the dude (it’s always dudes) with the shortcut to hustle harder, but has never done the work.

This is marketing street knowledge, learned from bosses, mentors, clients, colleagues and the occasional screw-up from the hard-earned experience of actually doing it.

Take a look inside…

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Rockstar CMO Long Plays

Sometimes, a tune doesn’t quite fit on a single track, and we give it the full, long play, extended remix, and album-length treatment. 

Our experienced marketing band does some proper research; the in-penthouse artists make it beautiful, and the result is not your father’s e-boring-book but something worth your time.