This week Jeff Clark (our resident Rockstar CMO Strategic Advisor and former Research Director at Forrester) shares some relationship advice for marketers, with seven tips for working more closely with sales.

Ian then goes backstage with Adeola Sole, a CRM expert and the founder of Strategy CRM, an email consultancy agency. Adeola has advised on successful data-led, eCRM strategies and implemented growth opportunities whilst always having the customer journey as a key focus. A successful approach she’s applied to clients across the retail, media and travel industries. Adeola is also a public speaker, conference and webinar host and a member of the Women of Martech Diversity and Equal Opportunity committee. 

In a fun conversation, Ian and Adeola chat about her inspiration to choose a career in marketing, the challenges organizations have with CRM and where businesses should start with sorting out their customer data, processes and systems.

Finally, we grab a cocktail in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar with Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory, who shares a great example of bad thought leadership and what lessons we can learn from the infamous “Pause Giant AI Experiments” open letter.


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