This week we are back in the Marketing Studio with Jeff Clark, our resident Rockstar CMO Strategic Advisor and former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester, who shares his four steps for creating campaigns that deliver ART – Awareness Revenue & Trust. Oh, and he adds an E for Enablement to our acronym.

Ian then goes backstage with Aaron Templer, who is an unapologetic eclectic having studied music and English literature and earned an MBA, Aaron is a 25-year marketing leader, a marketing firm owner (Three Over Four), a professional instructor for the American Marketing Association, an occasional speaker and professor, hobby percussionist – and some call him the Gora Dhol Wallah.

Aaron’s firm, speaking engagements, teachings, and writings are at the intersection of strategy, creativity, brand, influence, and leadership and he recently published his first book, Leading in a Social World, which is a six-time award winner and, as one review put it, “turns our perception of social media marketing on its head. It’s a fun conversation, as they discuss Aaron’s career, agency and book, and he chucks a surprising icon of modern marketing into the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool.

Finally, Ian winds down the week in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar with Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory and over a cocktail they discuss the importance of brand, especially if you are thinking of launching a content marketing project.


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