In this week’s episode, the Marketing Studio Jeff Clark, our resident Rockstar CMO strategic advisor and former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester, and our host Ian Truscott kick off the year with a discussion about their 5 F’in’ Marketing Fundamentals.

Ian then joins Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory, in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar, and over a splendid cocktail suggestion, Robert shares his word for 2024.


The people:

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Mentioned in this week’s episode:

// The 5 F’in’ Marketing Fundamentals Long Play (eBook)

// Robert’s firm: The Content Advisory

// Robert’s book website: Content Marketing Strategy

// Robert’s “Rose Colored Glasses” column for CMI.

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5 F’in’ Marketing Fundamentals

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With all the noise, the acronyms, and the claims of thousands of marketing technology vendors, marketing can appear bloody complicated.

Since the launch of Rockstar CMO, we’ve been distilling down our decades of marketing experience into five marketing fundamentals to try and make things simple.

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