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We have most definitely nailed the classic album, as we drop Michael Jackson’s 1982 classic Thriller onto the turntable here at the Rockstar CMO digs. And we definitely “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” for this Halloween special.

Ted Rubin dishes out his usual tricks and treats this month, we’ve chucked a doozy into the swimming pool, and we go backstage with Jeanniey Mullen, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Mercer.

We unearth dead marketing strategies, tackle the zombies that are eating our audience, ask if virtual reality is trick or treat, grab our pitchforks and prepare for the Frankenstack, and wonder what happened to the graveyard smash that was the flash mob.

A standard Halloween night for us here and as we chew over the mountain of gummy bears that Jeanniey left in the office, we consider brand experiences that are keeping it real.

On Halloween night, you have to be careful about what’s been left in your mail box, but we are also very excited to have received our first review!

I hope you enjoy this issue!

The Editor

Into the Pool #8: The Crap Other Marketers on the Internet Tell Me to Do

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Backstage with Jeanniey Mullen

Global Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, Executive Board Advisor, keynote speaker, CMO Council Co-Chair, author of 3 books, Jeanniey Mullen is a woman in demand…

Fantasy Land

Helene Dancer finds out why, in an age of screens, experiences are more important than ever And the trick? It’s all in the treat. …

Grab Your Torches and Pitchforks Folks, it’s Frankenstack!

There’s a mind-boggling array of software available to marketers today. Designed to make your life easier or lurching around, threatening to destroy your business? Ian Truscott explores the perils and pitfalls of the Frankenstack.…

The Five Main Challenges Facing CMOs Today

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Hype Meets Reality: Why Programmatic is Not Ready for Prime Time

Our resident rock star Ted Rubin on the slew of pitfalls presented by programmatic media buying – and why you should go old school and place your own ads.…

Zombie Marketing: Bringing Back Dead Ideas

The graveyard of marketing is ripe with bodies. Print, video, and billboards killed at the hands of social media, QR codes, and digital PR. But are they gone for good? Gareth May explores…

Graveyard Smash

The flash mob. Went viral, then… nothing. Where did it come from? Where the hell did it go? And is it rising from the dead? Samuel Crosby finds out.…

Zombies are Eating your Audience – Here’s How to Fight Back

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Virtual Reality: Marketing Trick or Treat?

Amber Osborne, CMO at Doghead Simulations knows virtual reality and she reckons it’s time to open the Pandora’s box let the possibilities loose. It’s not so scary after all…

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