Fantasy Land

Helene Dancer finds out why, in an age of screens, experiences are more important than ever… And the trick? It’s all in the treat. 

Algorithm and Blues

Technology means we’re getting ever more personal with our customers. Or so we think… Helene Dancer asks: Do too many algorithms mean we’re actually beginning to lose the human touch?

Stark Bollock Naked

To wear a sock, or not? Debates around radical transparency are heating up as experts, cynics and customers consider just how much they need to see in order to trust a brand. Helene Dancer investigates.

Hype Beasts

Celebrity brand endorsements reached a whole new level when Kanye’s cohort Virgil Abloh became artistic director of Louis Vuitton, one of the world’s oldest fashion houses. Helene Dancer considers; is this the shape of hype to come?