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JUNE 2019

History will judge whether “Invasion of Privacy” by Cardi B is a genuinely classic album, but it’s our selection this month as the title definitely catches the mood of what history will be judging marketing on today. With increasing legislation, consumer awareness and a chunk of our audience choosing to reject cookies, block ads and go dark with their browsing.

Tim “Beg Data” Walters sets the tone as we interview him on the current state of GDPR and privacy. Our regular contributor Morag Cuddeford-Jones has a warning for anyone wanting her data (to get out of the bloody way!). Rachel Miller returns to give us her insight on what this means for social media marketing. And it’s the topic of discussion in The Green Room as we ponder if we are afraid of the dark.

Plus, we have all the usual shenanigans, David Howland inspires us to chuck the dumb, creepy kind of personalization into the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool. We jump on the tour bus twice, once with VR evangelist and serial startup CMO Amber Osborne and again with Richard Shotton, who has written one of our favorite marketing books: The Choice Factory. Our anonymous adman adnonamau5 is tired of “experts” (you know the ones) and of course our resident Rockstar CMO Ted Rubin tells it straight.

Welcome to The Invasion of Privacy Issue

The Green Room: Are we afraid of the dark?

Our audience is going dark, we ask 5 of our Rockstar CMOs what they think of the refusal of cookie consent, ad-blockers, incognito browsing and the prevailing view that we marketers are up to something…
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Drop the Vanity, it’s Time for Action, Not Eyeballs

As we run with the theme of privacy this issue, we asked Rachel Miller, social and influencer marketing expert for her take on the topic and, of course, we were not disappointed…
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Take my data, just get out of my bloody way!

Marketing journalist Morag Cuddeford-Jones thinks marketers’ data addiction is getting out of hand, we think she has a point…
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Into the Pool #15: The Dumb, Creepy Kind

Inspired by our backstage chat with David Howland, we ponder if we should chuck personalization into our portal to marketing hell, or maybe just the dumb, creepy kind…
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The Risky Business of Rockstar Marketers and Their Briefs

The Brief, the essential song sheet that could decide if the work is a hit. We asked Bryce Groves, a freelance Creative Director with big-agency experience to lift the lid on the process, why the brief is so important, what makes a great brief and to spill the beans on the worst he’s seen…
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Tales from the Tour Bus: Richard Shotton

This issue we hop on the tour bus with the author of one of our favorite recent marketing reads, Richard Shotton, the writer of The Choice Factory, a best-selling book on using behavioral science in marketing. We find out what inspired this former media planner to write and set up his own consultancy…
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Interview with Tim “Beg Data” Walters

Tim “Beg Data” Walters, Ph.D. works with an impressive list of organizations that seek out his advice on how to make their way through the complexity of consumer sensitivity and increasing legislation around GDPR and privacy. So, when we decided to theme this issue on privacy, an interview with “Beg Data” was the first on the list…
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Good ‘Influencer’ Marketing and Measurement

Influencers are the hot topic of marketing right now, but Ted Rubin has always believed in the value of relationships, in this article our resident Rockstar, one of the most shared CMOs on Twitter shares his experience…
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Tales from the Tour Bus: Amber Osborne

Now on her third start-up, Amber Osborne is the CMO at Doghead Simulations (the company behind Rumii, a virtual reality conferencing and collaboration platform) and industry influencer. In this Tale from the Tour Bus, she reveals what it takes to launch something new and gives an insiders view of being an insider…
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adnonamau5: The rise…and rise…and rise of the illegitimate expert

This month our anonymous adman sets his unforgiving sights on the self-proclaimed “expert”, hoping we self regulate before we drown in the bullshit…
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