I’d Rather be the Pope

Forget chasing the zeitgeist, says Ian Truscott. Have faith in your product. Trust your product. And figure out who your story is going to help – and how. 

Project: Funk Da World Issue

We’ve decided to name each issue after classic album titles. Cute right? I suggested 1994’s Project: Funk Da World by Craig Mack. And while there was a strong argument that it’s not considered a classic, it does feature ‘Flava in Ya Ear’. And like Mr. Mack, we’re intent on “bringing a brand new flava in ya ear”.

Sound Check

We are live with our first issue,”SOUNDCHECK”. Consider this a preview date, a sneak peek of our act, while we tune up before the stadium tour.

Backstage with Robert Rose

Robert Rose is a certified rockstar. Not just because he’s a content marketing celebrity, but chat to him for a bit and you’ll learn that as a musician, he’s had more than a brush with being the real thing.

Backstage with Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin is a leading social marketing strategist, keynote speaker, Photofy CMO/advisor, MC/host for Brand Innovators Summits… Speaker, Author, Provocateur – Ted is our resident rock star.

Could Unilever be Marketing’s Bob Geldof?

Unilever has taken a stand over the fast and loose approach that social platforms are taking to their social responsibilities, yet in marketing we a similar reputation of being self-serving, more excited when someone does something cool that sells more Oreos than saving the world. Ian Truscott if brands will take the high road and follow Unilever… 

Backstage with Ian Truscott

Over a career spanning two decades, Ian Truscott has launched various B2B software products, been a developer, a chief technology officer, an industry analyst, a product marketer and a strategic advisor to blue chip companies inc. Nasdaq and American Express.