Rockstar CMO Review of 2018

If you’ve visited before, you’ll see we’ve entered the new year with a fresh new look and as we combed through our first 10 issues, we thought this was a great opportunity to reflect and celebrate the fantastic folks that have contributed to our community in 2018.

The London Calling Issue

Going with the theme of communication, we plucked from our record box the classic “London Calling” by the Clash – so welcome to the London Calling Issue.

The Green Room Secret Santa

Every month we pose a question to our Rockstar CMOs. As this issue drops during the season of goodwill, we’re thinking about gifts. So we wondered, what would this fine and generous band of marketers gift to our marketing community?

Into the Pool #10: Marketing AI

Casey Petersen is conspiring with Ian Truscott to chuck Marketing AI into the Rockstar CMO swimming pool. Some would say a brave choice as artificial intelligence is such a darling of the current marketing zeitgeist. Do you agree?

Backstage with L.Michelle Smith

A classically-trained mezzo soprano, entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, marketing leader, L.Michelle Smith is on a mission and shares her insights from a 25 year career.

The Rockstar CMO Hall of Fame

Every rock hero stands on the shoulders of giants: think Prince’s debt to little Richard, or Chuck Berry’s impact on the Stones. So as the final chords of 2018 reverb round the Rockstar CMO stage, we asked our backstage rock stars who they’d induct into the Marketing Hall of Fame.

Giving Thanks in The Green Room

Welcome to the Green Room, a new monthly feature where we will be evading security yet again to go backstage with our Rockstar CMOs and pose them a question that’s top of mind for us back at the Rockstar CMO penthouse. 

Backstage with Casey Petersen

We go back stage with Casey Petersen, Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at content creation app Photofy and has been a leader in digital marketing for over 15 years.

The We Are Family Issue

To celebrate US Thanksgiving, we dipped into the Rockstar CMO record box and pulled out a classic album – ‘We are Family’ by Sister Sledge for a family themed issue…