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APRIL 2019

In this issue, we focus on marketing technology, as we ponder its impact on our marketing lives to the soundtrack of “The Ghost in the Machine” by The Police – an undeniably classic album.

We welcome a couple of new writers to the Rockstar CMO penthouse; Rachel Miller, a social media and influencer marketing guru and marketing technology industry Rockstar David Aponovich both of whom I’m delighted to include in our community.

We’ve got the usual shenanigans, as we go backstage with David Howland (his enthusiasm for the marketing craft is not to be missed), jump on the tour bus with John Andrews, six of the band gather in the Green Room to debate the rise of the marketing machines and ever wondered what Margaret Molloy CMO of Siegel+Gate wants to chuck into the Swimming Pool? Find out! All the while, Ted Rubin tells it straight, as usual with a reminder of the value of some thinking time…


The Green Room: The Rise of the Marketing Machines

Ian Truscott catches up with six of Rockstar CMOs and asks for their view on whether tech has been a force for good for marketing. …
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Why Employees Need to Be Empowered to Stop and Think

We live in a culture where the simple act of distraction free thinking has become alien, day dreaming has been replaced with scrolling through a feed on our smart phones and the office is a place for the hustle, not to think – Ted Rubin believes we are missing a trick…
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Too Many Marketing Tools Create Sloppy Work, and Too Few Brands Seem to Care

Ted Rubin tells it straight on the impact marketing automation tools are having on marketing and he highlights a couple of examples that have caught his eye.…
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Three Traits of Successful CMOs

As a former Forrester analyst, B2B marketing leader and Senior Director of Digital Experience at Acquia, David Aponovich has earned his place as a respected industry voice and in this article he shares what he’s seen that makes a CMO successful…
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Product (mis)placement

Morag Cuddleford-Jones takes up the challenge to pick her way through the minefield of acronyms, departmental silos and systems to figure out the essential bit of the marketing technology stack that should be safeguarding our product content…
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Backstage with David Howland

We go backstage with David Howland, CMO of Longview Solutions, former creative and art director and marketing leader at Nasdaq and he shares his journey and the common thread of his career – creating compelling, meaningful experiences…
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Ignore the Wackadoos, Create Community and Value through Meaningful Engagement

It’s time to up your game from vanity metrics to getting value from building relationships, as Rachel Miller, social and influencer marketing expert explains…
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Into the Pool #13: Surface and no Substance

What would Margaret Molloy, the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Siegel+Gale and top 5 most influential CMO’s like us to chuck into the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool? We dive in…
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Tales from the Tour Bus: John Andrews and Photofy

This issue regular Rock Star contributor John Andrews, serial entrepreneur, marketer and CEO of Photofy shares his journey, the bumps in the road and the next destination…
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Image of the monitor is by Phil Richards used under creative commons license.

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