6 Reasons to Get a Creative Buddy

There is a lot to juggle when you are leading a marketing team and creativity can be lost at the crucible of internal resistance and getting shit done, I know, I’ve been there. Help could be close at hand – get a creative buddy. 

The Brand New Thang Issue

Our first issue launched with our new brand design, on a new platform that went live on New Year’s Eve. So we dug way back into the Rockstar CMO record box and unearthed a classic collection of the work of one Mr. James Brown: Funk Power – 1970: A Brand New Thang.

I Know You Got Soul – Brands Need to Show They Got the Feelin’

Your brand story doesn’t get you very far if you are just puffing your chest out and telling people what you think they want to hear, whether you are selling soft toys or software, to engage with a consumer every brand has to have a story with some soul and with the Bobby Byrd/James Brown hit “I Know You Got Soul” on repeat, Ian Truscott digs deeper.

Why invest in persona development?

In an era of big data, agile marketing, A/B testing, fail fast and all the pace and fluidity we are injecting into our marketing, is persona development still a good use of your time?

Rockstar CMO Review of 2018

If you’ve visited before, you’ll see we’ve entered the new year with a fresh new look and as we combed through our first 10 issues, we thought this was a great opportunity to reflect and celebrate the fantastic folks that have contributed to our community in 2018.