Sometimes inspiration comes from a juxtaposition and it’s unlikely that rapper Meghan Thee Stallion and personal branding Jane Scandurra have been seen in the same room. But, Jane’s thoughts of thanks have inspired Ian Truscott to share something inspired by Hot Girl Meg, and of course who can resist an image bit of Oliver Twist during the holidays…

Jazzing a bit with Jane Scandurra over email, in preparation for this issue, I wondered what advice Jane had as a gift I could share with you on the theme of thanks and Thanksgiving. Her thoughts reminded me of an idea I’ve been meaning to turn into an article, inspired by the Rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

The title for this article comes from a lyric from her song Money Good, as Megan complains about people (well, OK, broke-ass ******) “You ain’t bringing nothing to the table but your plate”.

It’s a fabulous analogy for social media, and even the grown-up sensible, button-downed LinkedIn and networking.

That so many people bring nothing to this table of social interaction, idea sharing, and community and expect us to fill their plate with connections, likes, links, and respond to their lame “, I’m growing my network and….” followed by a sales outreach.

Jane took that idea a bit further with a personal branding lens and said:

“The time to nurture your network is NOT when you need it.”

As she says, and her analogy of gardening is way nicer than what I plucked from a potty-mouthed rapper:

“Physical lockdowns, travel restrictions, and other social distancing mandates that severely limit normal interaction with our fellow human beings take their greatest toll on those who don’t understand the importance of relationship-building – or just don’t make the necessary time for it. This makes dealing with a sudden job loss, adjusting to a remote work environment, or just coping with the challenges of social isolation that much harder.

Tying this bit of advice to Thanksgiving…Anyone with a ‘green thumb’ knows that we reap what we sow. A healthy garden requires regular care and feeding in order to enjoy a bountiful harvest. With consistent nurturing, it is much more likely to thrive when harsh, unexpected conditions arise. Give your network the same level of attention as you would a prize vegetable garden, and you’ll always be grateful for the nourishment it will provide”

So true, the Internet and social media have given us the tools, but you have to nurture, pay attention, be thankful and not just come to the table with a plate.

Jane Scandurra is a global marketer, speaker and an online pioneer who has worked for industry-leading companies including IBM, Prodigy, Nokia, Bristol-Myers and BBDO before starting her consulting and coaching business in 2006.

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