Happy employees = happy customers

A popular topic here on Rockstar CMO, pulling together the backing band of employees and colleagues to not just improve the experience for the customer, but to become evangalists in our increasingly connected world. Jane Scandurra shares her experience of how we can make that happen.

Who are you?

You know, marketers really need to know. The only trouble is, says marketing journalist Morag Cuddeford-Jones; I don’t know who I am half the time. So what chance have you got?

Risky Business

It used to be brand suicide to align yourself openly with a political or social justice cause. Now, everyone’s at it. But why? Ian Hsieh discovers.

Read All About It!

Stand aside Twitter. Pipe down Facebook. You’re old news. Reddit is a little corner of the digital world that packs a powerful punch. Gareth May finds out what this means for brands.

It’s Good to Talk

With the likes of Alexa, Google Home and Siri, voice assistants are more popular than ever. Capable of making our lives easier in a flash, the devices featuring these AI are fast becoming an indispensable part of our everyday. But what does the future hold for this tech?

Sign Up, Join In

As The Dandy Warhols sang in the late 1990s, “Heroin is so passé”. Surely the same could be said of getting a parcel in the post? Yet in the digital-drenched 21st century, consumers are signing up to endless snack clubs and perk clubs, electing to receive everything from coffee to cosmetics by mail. Gareth May unboxes the subscription economy, and the enduring appeal of the club.

A Family Affair

50 years ago, family was a simple proposition: mum, dad, two kids – maybe three, maybe more. In 2018, things aren’t so simple – a modern family can be many things. Single parent? Sure. Same sex parents? Absolutely. Families of divorce? Definitely. Stephen Kelly discovers that to succeed today, brands need to represent the modern family realistically.