Backstage with Oliver Pilgerstorfer

IFS develops and delivers enterprise software for customers around the world and when their CMO, Oliver Pilgerstorfer, sat down with us and started an answer with “I probably shouldn’t admit this” our editor Ian Truscott knew he was in for a fun interview…

Modern product marketers: Roadies or rockstars?

We’ve enjoyed Nick Einstein’s insight as an analyst here on Rockstar CMO, but in a timely move coinciding with our focus on the product for this issue, he’s switched to product marketing. Here he ponders if product marketers are the roadies or the rockstars…

When should product development call marketing? How soon is now?

In the classic hit “How soon is now”, Morrissey from The Smiths lamented “I am human, and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.” A feeling shared by customers when products, developed in a vacuum are thrust onto an unsuspecting world. Dennis Shiao suggests the remedy is the timing of when marketing gets involved. When? How soon is now?

The Features Creatures Issue

This issue was not been named after a classic album. ‘Features Creatures’ by Björk is neither a classic (yet) or an album, but the title of this eccentric track nails the theme for this issue as we look at the relationship between marketing and product development.

Better products, better marketing, better listen

Our resident Rockstar CMO Ted Rubin tells it straight. If you want better products and better marketing then you had better listen, not just to Ted, but to your customers and in the age of socially connected communities, who better to do this than marketing?

Tales from the Tour Bus: Pete Morgan, Metia

Global agency Metia recently published some new research “B2B marketing trends for 2020, Six essential trends for the curious CMO.” Well, people call us a lot of things and one of them is ‘curious’, so we tracked down the author, former record label owner and Metia’s VP of Demand Pete Morgan…

adnonamou5: The rise and fall of the robots

Marketing is ushering in an army of robots and the anonymous advertiser is not happy. He left his office, deep in the hipster heart of London and dropped by the Rockstar CMO penthouse, and we found this rant tied to a brick chucked into reception

The Sample: The Features Creatures

Welcome to The Sample, where we whirl the dial on the interwebs, hit record and sample what we hear about the topic in this issue. This time, we are looking at the relationship between marketing and the product teams, here is what we found.