The personal brand blur

Accomplished B2B marketer and marketing writer Dennis Shiao shares his experience of balancing his personal brand with that of his employers and what he learned about that blurry line early in his career.

Light up the sky like a flame, fame!

He may not be Irene Cara, but this month Dennis Shiao tells his inspiring personal branding story. It’s something you might have got a hint of when we chatted to him on the podcast, from the Yankees, through virtual events to lights camera, action.

Getting a buzz from virtual events

As we shared on the podcast, Dennis Shiao is a virtual event veteran. Although he admits that in the past they have left him cold, he shares how a new breed of virtual events is giving him a taste of the IRL (in real life) high.

All is Vanity

All is Vanity was a song by the Manic Street Preachers and when asked about its meaning vocalist James Dean Bradfield told the NME that this song “deals with just hating those momentary lapses of just falling into narcissism” and in this article Dennis Shiao shares how this can happen for marketers.

When should product development call marketing? How soon is now?

In the classic hit “How soon is now”, Morrissey from The Smiths lamented “I am human, and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.” A feeling shared by customers when products, developed in a vacuum are thrust onto an unsuspecting world. Dennis Shiao suggests the remedy is the timing of when marketing gets involved. When? How soon is now?

Five favorite influencer mistakes

Sheryl Crowe once lamented about her favorite mistake, but content marketing writer Dennis Shiao in “no fool to this game” as he shares his top 5 favorite influencer mistakes.

Want a fresh marketing sound? Look outside…

Pop music has remained relevant through outside influences, Paul Simon wrote his classic album Graceland after becoming fascinated by a bootleg cassette of South African township music. In this article, Dennis Shiao suggests that we too need to look outside