Marketing is ushering in an army of robots and the anonymous advertiser is not happy. He left his office, deep in the hipster heart of London and dropped by the Rockstar CMO penthouse, and we found this rant tied to a brick chucked into reception.

This interesting blog article cites the marketing automation vendor SharpSpring’s Investor Presentation Jan 2019 and states that the US Marketing Automation Software industry was a $6.1B market in 2019 and is growing 20%+ annually.

I get it. These tools are a great way for brands to drive down their marketing budgets by automating the useless email spam they send or, better still, automating the social post that have no relevance to anyone in the world.

Of course, this is a codeword for reducing headcount… which we know means making people redundant or firing them… and is a term the US like to use (probably something to do with the second amendment!).

So, the brands reduce their costs so they can increase the profit for their company.



In order to sell their products they need people with money to buy them.

In order for people to buy the products they need money. The money comes – of course -from working and having a job.

So if in the wider world of automation, we are liberating people from their incomes, who exactly will be left to buy anything?

Now I know the common knowledge points to new jobs that will replace the old, but there are two things to bear in mind in this case. First that there will be a lag between the two, which will hurt the business world, and second, since the localisation of the global economy, the impact of automation is on a scale never before experienced.

There is no precedent and therefore no understanding of quite what the ripple effects of automation around the globe are likely to be.

Perhaps it’s better sometimes to leave progress to one side and go back to focusing on the human!

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