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MAY 2019

This month we’ve been dropping some David Bowie in the Rockstar CMO penthouse. We don’t usually pick compilation albums as the theme for an issue, but “Changesbowie” covered all the the bases..

Changes were on our mind as into The Swimming Pool went ‘resistance to change’ and we celebrate our heroes as we assemble all of the people that inspired us into a single post. Our starman Ted Rubin gives us his normal double dose of straight talking and we introduce a new rebel rebel in a fresh series from our anonymous advertiser. We continue to debate the modern love that is the relationship with our marketing machines and we hop on the tour bus with Janice B Gordon, we talk genies, but maybe not the Jean Genie and we sit with our Rockstar CMO diamond dogs in the Green RoomSo, Let’s Dance!

John, I am only dancing.

See what we did there?

Let’s dance
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let’s dance
To the song they’re playin’ on the radio
Let’s sway
While color lights up your face
Let’s sway
Sway through the crowd to an empty space

Backstage with Ian Lowe

Ian Lowe, VP of Marketing for global SaaS WCM vendor Crownpeak popped by the penthouse to chat to Ian Truscott about what gets his marketing mojo working…
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The Green Room: Marketing a Desert Island – What Would You Take?

In this issue Ian Truscott catches up with five of our Rockstars and gets his inspiration from a 77 year old radio show.. wait.. what?…
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Tales from the Tour Bus: Janice B. Gordon

Like the Rolling Stones versus the Beatles or Oasis versus Blur, sales and marketing have a reputation for not always getting along. So, for this Tale from the Tour Bus we cross the tracks, to speak to sales mentor Janice B. Gordon…
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The Rise Of the Marketing Machines: David Aponovich

We’ve heard the views of the marketers on the rise of the marketing machines, but what do the Martech industry insiders think? We asked David Aponovich for his take.…
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True Engagement Should Never be Overwhelming

Coming over a little needy? Ted Rubin suggests it’s time your marketing stopped overwhelming the audience and instead focused on them and their needs…
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Five Marketing Truths from Paige O’Neill

I got a backstage pass at the Sitecore Experience event in London, the opportunity to catch-up with my old boss Paige O’Neill and chat about her keynote and her latest message to marketers…
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You know you make me want to shout

Uh oh… this does not sound good, something has definitely got marketing journalist Morag Cuddeford-Jones riled up this month; it’s time marketing prepared for voice…
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The Rise Of the Marketing Machines: Carlos Doughty

We’ve heard the views of the marketers on the rise of the marketing machines, but what do the Martech industry insiders think? We ask Carlos Doughty…
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Start Thinking More Like a Customer and Less Like a Marketer

We are all consumers, so why do we find it so easy to forget what ticks us off as consumers when we design our marketing? Ted Rubin has some straightforward advice…
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Into the Swimming Pool #14: Resistance to Change

Ahmed Hasan is our inspiration as we peer over the balcony down to the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool and we consider chucking “resistance to change” into its shimmering depths…
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Bad For Business: Automation Will Remove Human Interaction

We welcome a new writer, Theresa Michelle to the Rockstar CMO penthouse and she continues the theme from The Ghost in the Machine Issue, suggesting that all this automation is actually bad for business.…
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adnonamau5: F*ck Old, Be Bold!

Our anonymous insider goes to task on the agencies and people that are getting stale, warning that staying safe is killing you, your brand or your agency…
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