The Brand New Thang Issue

Our first issue launched with our new brand design, on a new platform that went live on New Year’s Eve. So we dug way back into the Rockstar CMO record box and unearthed a classic collection of the work of one Mr. James Brown: Funk Power – 1970: A Brand New Thang.

Game On

Welcome to 2019, where the eSports industry is worth a cool $1.65 billion, celebrity video gamers earn $500,000 a month live-streaming Fortnite to hundreds of thousands of viewers, and more of us are playing video games than ever before. Ian Hsieh asks: Will the marketing revolution be gamified?

Speaking in Tongues

The world of rock revels in symbolism. It’s a medium where the visual speaks almost as loud as the lyrics and the same is increasingly true of social media, where the emoji rules. Decode them and they’re an untapped well of digital marketing, writes Gareth May.

Tales from the Tour Bus: Tom Gatzen

Taking us for a spin in his tour bus this issue is life-long Londoner Tom Gatzen, co-founder of ideal flatmate – a digital matching service for generation rent to find their perfect pairing. Better wave goodbye to those passive aggressive fridge notes…

When It Comes to Content – Let It Flow!

Paid, owned and earned – it’s a very neat wrap up of how brands should organize their content. If only it were that simple. censhare’s Morag Cuddeford-Jones explores the perils, pitfalls and potential of how we organize and use our content.