This week it’s part two of Ian Truscott‘s interview with our regular expert, Jeff Clark (Principal, Strategic Advisory at Rockstar CMO). We pick up the discussion with Jeff sharing what he’s learned from his time as a Research Director at SiriusDecisions /Forrester and the various CMO’s he’s worked for over his career. With some sage advice for new marketing leaders.

This week’s guest is Gordon Glenister who runs his own global influencer marketing programme helping individuals be the go-to person in their niche. He is a global leader on influencer marketing and has been featured in the Thinkers360 top global leaders on PR, is a highly regarded keynote speaker, host and panellist.

Gordon is also the host of Influence the Global podcast and author of the best selling book Influencer Marketing Strategy. He has co-founded a number of trade associations including the Influence Division of the Branded Content Marketing Association, the Meetings and Events Support Association and Membership World. Gordon is an active blogger and writes for the London Evening Standard and numerous other publications.

And, finally, we wind down the week in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar, where Ian finds Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory and they discuss what we can learn from the film industry when directing our content strategy.



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