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It’s the holiday season and we have dipped into the Rockstar CMO record box and pulled out a classic album that spans the generations for our theme this month – ‘We are Family’ by Sister Sledge.

In the spirit of our very popular Backstage Q&A series, like a family, our rockstars came together in our virtual Green Room in a new monthly feature where we consider one question.

This month we asked, “What are you thankful for in 2018?” and the response is a brief glimpse into the teams and inspiration that lie behind these marketing leaders’ magic. Thank you Christine Bailey, Wendy Bryant-Beswick, Robert Rose, Ted Rubin and Jenni Young for your insights – check out the green room.

We also have the normal high quality editorial from our team here in the Rockstar CMO penthouse, Dave Waller takes a look at the importance of the story behind a brand and in particular the place that story is set – in This Must be The Place, Gareth May unboxes the rise of the subscription economy in Sign up, Join In and Stephen Kelly, proving that someone was paying attention at the editorial meeting with his article – A Family Affair.

We get a double dose of Casey Peterson, who shares his secret sauce when I chat to him for our Backstage Q&A and we get his perspective in Why Every Experience with Your Brand Is on You.

In our regular features our resident rockstar Ted Rubin, tells it straight, giving retailers a break this month as he shares with us his insight into brainstorming and how to get a return on relationships with social selling.

I get to throw the hype around chatbots into the Rockstar Swimming Pool and we share the Official Rockstar Rider; the things you need to be looking for in your next marketing gig. I also share some advice on developing a personality around a brand in Singing is Optional.

As you would expect for the holiday season, we are full to bursting. Enjoy!

Ian Truscott


“Just let me state for the record
We’re giving love in a family dose”

Sister Sledge – We are Family

Singing is Optional – Defining a Brand Personality

Following an experience where a hotel offered him the opportunity to sing in the shower, Ian Truscott explores the art of creating a brand personality…

Into the Pool #9: The Big Deal Today About Chatbots

This month’s penthouse ruckus has been started by Jeanniey Mullen who suggests that Ian Truscott throw “The big deal today about chatbots” into the Rockstar CMO Swimming pool. Something he seems only too eager to do…

Giving Thanks in The Green Room

Welcome to the Green Room, a new monthly feature where we will be evading security yet again to go backstage with our Rockstar CMOs and pose them a question that’s top of mind for us back at the Rockstar CMO penthouse. …

Set the Table for Strategy and Innovation by Bringing Back Real Brainstorming

Brainstorming too often becomes the narrow view of a few (very) vocal people. Time to switch it up, create some truly effective strategies, and kick start some real thinking time, Ted Rubin argues, by opening the floor up to everyone…

Social Selling: New Technology Didn’t Make Buyers Grow Three Heads

Are you using social media to blindly blast information at your audience? Our resident rock star, Ted Rubin, on how to use social media to build relationships – and truly connect with consumers.…

Backstage with Casey Petersen

We go back stage with Casey Petersen, Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at content creation app Photofy and has been a leader in digital marketing for over 15 years…

Why Every Experience with Your Brand Is on You

Casey Petersen, Photofy’s Vice President of Marketing and Analytics, on why marketing needs to consider every aspect of the consumer experience – from planning and strategy, all the way to customer service.…

Sign Up, Join In

As The Dandy Warhols sang in the late 1990s, “Heroin is so passé”. Surely the same could be said of getting a parcel in the post? Yet in the digital-drenched 21st century, consumers are signing up to endless snack clubs and perk clubs, electing to receive everything from coffee to cosmetics by mail. Gareth May unboxes the subscription economy, and the enduring appeal of the club.…

A Family Affair

50 years ago, family was a simple proposition: mum, dad, two kids – maybe three, maybe more. In 2018, things aren’t so simple – a modern family can be many things. Single parent? Sure. Same sex parents? Absolutely. Families of divorce? Definitely. Stephen Kelly discovers that to succeed today, brands need to represent the modern family realistically. …

“Mmm, hmm, in the spotlight the band plays so very tight
Each and every night, uh-huh
It’s not vanity to me, it’s my sanity
I could never survive”

Lost in Music – Sister Sledge

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